Buffet take-out from Mayuri Indian Cuisine

Mayuri Indian Cuisine-15
All this food tightly packed in a styrofoam container cost $10 and fed 3 hungry adults with leftovers to boot.

Mayuri Indian Cuisine is located in a strip mall in Reston, Virginia.
Mayuri Indian Cuisine

The place doesn’t look like much but their food is authentic and the buffet is truly value for money. Their lunch buffet costs only $10 and features over 35 different items.
Mayuri Indian Cuisine-1

Mayuri Indian Cuisine-2

The food didn’t have names so we just got what looked familiar and good.
Mayuri Indian Cuisine-4

Mayuri Indian Cuisine-5

Mayuri Indian Cuisine-6

Mayuri Indian Cuisine-7

Mayuri Indian Cuisine-8

Aside from the styrofoam container we were also given a plastic container which we used for the scrumptious mango dessert.
Mayuri Indian Cuisine-9

My cousin in law who’s the expert did the packing of food. Look at the pictures and learn.

1. Place wet dishes in the compartments. This was spicy and tender goat curry.
Mayuri Indian Cuisine-10

Next was the super delicious butter chicken.
Mayuri Indian Cuisine-11

2. Top the saucy dishes with Indian flat bread to create the base for the second layer. Smart huh?
Mayuri Indian Cuisine-12

3. Pile on the dry dishes. That’s chili chicken. Good but too spicy for me.
Mayuri Indian Cuisine-13

4. Throw in some vegetable pakora and another chicken dish which I really liked since it wasn’t spicy.
Mayuri Indian Cuisine-14

5. At home transfer each dish to individual containers.
Mayuri Indian Cuisine-18
goat curry

Mayuri Indian Cuisine-16
vegetable pakora

Mayuri Indian Cuisine-17
chili chicken

Mayuri Indian Cuisine-19
vegetable cutlets

My favorites were the butter chicken and the fried veggies.
Mayuri Indian Cuisine-20
butter chicken

It was a really amazing how much food he was able to fit in one square container. We were all so full and had the leftovers the next day.

Last time it was my cousin La who packed the takeout box and it wasn’t as full but she got some fantastic chicken biryani and put the curry in the plastic container. Next time I go back I want to try my hand at packing the box!
Mayuri Indian Cuisine-21

Mayuri Indian Cuisine
2316 Hunters Wood plaza
Reston, VA 20191
telephone: (703) 860-4999

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