Lunch at Booeymonger

Booeymonger's The Fifth Avenue
My cousins brought me to Friendship Heights in DC for some shopping. It was my first time to go there and I really liked the area. Too bad we couldn’t stay longer. We did have time for a quick lunch at Booeymonger.

Booeymonger is a deli/sandwich shop that is also in Ray Foley’s book “1,001 Sandwiches You Must Eat Before You Die” and AOL’s top 10 places for cheap eats in DC.




Booeymonger's menu

There were many interesting things in the menu not found in your regular deli. The sandwich concoctions were unique and mouthwatering. But I knew right away what I wanted and coincidentally it was the one listed in Ray Foley’s list.
Booeymonger's The Fifth Avenue
the Fifth Avenue $6.50

I had the Fifth Avenue which was made with hot pastrami, grilled mushrooms, melted muenster cheese with mustard on a French baguette. Those are basically all my favorite ingredients together in one sandwich. It was super, duper yummy! The pastrami was tender and too salty, the mushrooms were fresh and the muenster cheese was just the right quantity to bind everything together.
Booeymonger's The Fifth Avenue

I wish the baguette was toasted instead of just cold and soft like ordinary white bread. A few minutes under a panini maker would have made this a hot, crusty and yummier sandwich. That’s why my leftover looked like this.

Sha ordered the Gatsby Arrow made with roast beef and brie cheese.
Booeymonger's Gatsby Arrow
Gatsby Arrow $6.95

We all shared a side of crispy, seasoned potato wedges.
potato wedges
potato wedges $1.50

La had the shrimp salad on a bed of garden vegetables.
Booeymonger's shrimp salad
shrimp salad $7.75

My niece Erin surprisingly had the homemade chili. Hmm I thought she didn’t like meat.
Booeymonger's Homemade Chili
Homemade Chili w/ French bread $4.95

5252 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20015
telephone: (202) 686-5805

other branches

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