Lunch at Rosa Mexicano

guacamole en molcajete
We had lunch at an authentic Mexican restaurant called Rosa Mexicano when we were at National Harbor in Maryland.
Rosa Mexicano

We had a spectacular view of the Potomac river from our table.
Rosa Mexicano-1

Rosa Mexicano-2

pasilla de oaxaca & salsa de tomatillo y habanero salsas
pasilla de oaxaca & salsa de tomatillo y habanero salsas

La and I ordered tacos. I chose pork and she had the mixed veggies. Both were good and really authentic. The portions were generous too. My pork was very tender and had a smoky taste. My favorite though was the corn in sour cream with lime juice & chili powder. It really gave my taco a nice flavor kick.

Tacos are served in a cast iron skillet with red bean-chorizo chili, corn esquites, chile de árbol salsa and freshly made warm corn tortillas. 
cochinita pibil taco (slow cooked pork shoulder)
cochinita pibil taco (slow cooked pork shoulder) $14.50
Pork shoulder rubbed with achiote, wrapped in banana leaves and
slow-cooked until fork tender. Topped with lime-marinated onions.

vegetales a la brasa taco (skillet roasted vegetables)
vegetales a la brasa taco (skillet roasted vegetables) $14
Skillet of market fresh vegetables: portabello mushrooms, sautéed Swiss chard and roasted butternut squash topped with fresh herbed cheese. Served with flax seed tortillas and red beans.

Our tacos came with a basket of warm corn tortillas, black refried beans and flavorful rice.
corn tortilla
corn tortilla

refried black beans
refried black beans

family style house rice
family-style house rice

I put a little of each on the tortilla. The flavors were fabulous! There was so much pork left over for me to take home. An order of taco could easily feed 2 people.
Rosa Mexicano-11

Sha had the beef enchiladas. I guess it was good since she did a good job of cleaning up her plate.
mole xico enchilada (beef)
mole xico enchilada (beef) $13.50
Two soft corn tortillas filled with shredded chipotle beef. Topped with Veracruz mole made with raisins, plantains, hazelnuts, pine nuts and ancho and pasilla chiles. Garnished with crema and queso fresco.

Erin had the kids’ meal of cheese quesadillas that came with a soda and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
cheese quesadillas
cheese quesadilla $7.50

We didn’t order their special guacamole which was made at your tableside. I did take pictures though.
guacamole en molcajete

Since 1984 we have been serving freshly made guacamole with
avocado, jalapeño, tomato, onion and cilantro (prepared tableside).
Served with warm corn tortillas, tortilla chips, salsa pasilla de Oaxaca and salsa de tomatillo y habanero. (serves two – three)

guacamole en molcajete

guacamole en molcajete

Rosa Mexicano
153 Waterfront St,
National Harbor, MD 20745-1138
telephone: (301) 567-1005

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