Christmas party catered by Choi Garden

Peking duck
Last night I attended a Christmas party at a friend’s house. The food was catered by Choi Garden, my favorite Chinese restaurant in Manila.  I didn’t even know they did catering. That’s 10 Peking ducks in the picture.

They did the cooking and prep work in the basketball court above the house’s kitchen.
Choi Garden Catering-3

The food was cooked just before serving by one of Choi’s chef from Hong Kong.
Hong Kong chef

They brought one high output gas burner which was essential for Chinese cooking.
Choi Garden Catering-2

mies en place
mies en place

Choi Garden Catering-4

The assistant cooks and waiters happily posing for me. 
Choi Garden Catering-11

Assorted roast meats ready to be served.
roast meat

Seafood dumplings and wintermelon wraps waiting to be steamed.
Choi Garden Catering-6

wintermelon wrap

Choi Garden also brought their own industrial double decker steamer.

The food was served buffet style. Pardon the blurry pictures. There was very little lighting and I was in a rush to take the food pics since there was an impatient mob behind me waiting to get food.
Peking duck

roast meat combination
roast meat combination

hot prawn salad
hot prawn salad

fried fish fillet on toast
fried fish fillet on toast

wintermelon wrap
wintermelon wrap

Fookien misua
Fookien misua

The hosts also provided more even more food even though the food from Choi was more than enough.
oriental salad
oriental salad

prawn salad in shell
prawn salad in shell

There was also fried turkey, roast beef asides from the lechon. Now is that a Christmas feast or what!

Choi Garden Catering-23

They really knew how to throw a great party. There was even live music from a string quartet playing Christmas tunes and a fantastic singer who regaled the guests with Chinese songs.
Choi Garden Catering-22

Choi Garden Catering-24

Choi Garden Catering-25

Of course my favorite was the dessert table which was right behind me. 3 of the cakes were from Mara de la Rama’s Dessert du Jour. It was my first time to try her chocolate truffle torte, a heavenly and super rich flourless Belgian chocolate cake. But my favorite was still the queso de bola cheesecake. There was also 2 gateau de crepes. And of course the always popular mango torte from Dulcelin cannot be absent from any party.

Via Mare’s bibingka

I noticed that Choi Garden sent a manager to oversee everything for a stress free party. They even brought their own aluminum foil and styro boxes for all the leftovers. And there were a lot. I know since I brought home some misua and hot prawn salad. I forgot to bring home the leftover gateau de crepes. hee hee.

Choi Garden Seafood and Shark’s Fin Restaurant
12 Annapolis St. cor. Purdue St.
San Juan, Metro Manila
telephone: 727-6042

If you want some live Chinese music in your party or event, contact this friendly couple who are both singers and event hosts:

Shanda Lim-Uy 0917-8873738
Filbert Anory Uy 0906-4305106

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