Chinese New Year 2013

新年快樂 Xin Nian Kuai Le,  Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!!! Welcome to the Year of the Snake. How did you celebrate the New Year? For the longest time our family eats in a Chinese restaurant suffering through slow service, large crowds and noisy ambiance. In recent years we started having dinner in our house where weContinue reading “Chinese New Year 2013”

Bizu Private Caterer

I recently attended a dinner party catered by Bizu Private Caterer. Check out my previous dinner catered by Bizu. I really love this salad. It had all the important elements – crunch, sweet, salty and more crunch. mandarin orange & roasted almond salad with crisp bacon in honey orange yogurt dressing This was exactly howContinue reading “Bizu Private Caterer”

Deli de San Honore

My friend Debbie and her nephew Chef Jeremy have a new catering business called Deli San Honore. We ordered a Thai dinner from them for our group’s Christmas party. I don’t think they have full catering service that supplies tables, chairs, etc since they just started but you can order food from them. mango-catfish saladContinue reading “Deli de San Honore”

Deb’s Birthday Dinner by Bizu Private Caterer

When I celebrated my birthday a couple of months ago I slaved over a few dishes to feed my friends. When my friend Deb celebrated her birthday she did the smart thing and had it catered by Bizu. When you have a dinner party at home the host is usually busy running around and takingContinue reading “Deb’s Birthday Dinner by Bizu Private Caterer”

My Birthday Lunch

My birthday was last September but the celebration lasts for months since I have to treat different groups of friends and co-workers. That’s how it is in the Philippines. The celebrant does all the treating. But on the day of my actual birthday I was treated to a scrumptious lunch at a very good familyContinue reading “My Birthday Lunch”

Lucy’s 1st Birthday Party

Yesterday I attended the 1st birthday party of my cousin Polly’s adorable daughter, Lucy. Polly and her hubby Al along with both their parents came home from different parts of the US to celebrate this important occasion in Manila. The party was held in Greenmeadow’s clubhouse. It was my first time to go there andContinue reading “Lucy’s 1st Birthday Party”

New Year’s Eve Dinner 2010

Every December 31 all my cousins on my father’s side come to our house to celebrate.  Every year I cook and order some food and desserts on the side. This year I decided to give myself and my staff a break and decided to have dinner catered by Classic Chef owned by a dear friendContinue reading “New Year’s Eve Dinner 2010”

Christmas Party catered by Chef Tum

It’s only fitting that my last post for the year 2010 be about good food, fabulous friends and a happy, happy night. A couple of weeks into December we decided to have an early Christmas party among friends and celebrate Pat’s birthday at the same time. It turned out great because Pat paid for dinnerContinue reading “Christmas Party catered by Chef Tum”