Emerald Garden’s Siopao

Introducing the ginormous siopao from Emerald Garden Restaurant. Otherwise known as Tai Pao (giant siopao).

You almost have to bow in the presence of this siopao. It weighs 386 grams or 13.6 oz. Imagine eating 4 Quarter Pounders minus a bun. It’s not easy getting hold of this baby. You have to call and reserve the minute they open. I think they make a limited quantity and it’s always out of stock by the time I call.

There is barely any dough. This is an all meat siopao. And what glorious meat. There’s the base of bola bola (ground pork) topped with chinese sausage, roast pork and chicken. To break the meat love they added some salted egg.

There’s a burger joint in Makati that has a challenge to finish a triple patty burger in 5 minutes. Emerald should have a challenge for anyone to finish this at all. Not only is this siopao soooooooo good, it’s a great deal! The siopao sells for only P 81 or US$ 1.72 or HK$ 13. Price update. As of 2/12/10 it now costs P85. As of 2/15/11 it now costs P99. As of 7/1/16 it now costs P120

Tai pao beside a wimpy regular siopao


11 thoughts on “Emerald Garden’s Siopao

  1. It has been quite a while since I’ve had this Godzilla of siopao. It is time to pay homage to the king.Excellent post. Just found your blog today after a friend from the Big Apple sent me the link.jojo


  2. The best siopao I have tasted is Roberto’s siopao in Iloilo..I am siopao eater and thus a siopao afficionado and I have tasted siopao all over the world and nothing beats Roberto’s.  Another good one is SUn WAh’s Siopao..their bola-bola is a winner! Sun Wah is located in Florentino Torres St, perpendicular to Avenida Rizal near Recto. Its one of the good authetic Cantonese restaurants in Manila


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