New Cakes from UCC Vienna Cafe

UCC halo halo cake-002
My friend and co-blogger Jin invited to try out her new cake creations at UCC Vienna Cafe.

She promised to feed me first so after a long perusal of the menu I finally found something healthy and almost “Cohen” approved. The yakiniku beef was so tender and flavorful with all the sauce that I didn’t need any dressing to eat my veggies. This was a really good and satisfying salad.
UCC Vienna Cafe - Yakiniku Salad
yakiniku salad

This was Jin’s concession to healthy eating. I wish this sandwich came in salad form but without mayonnaise. Is that possible?
UCC Vienna Cafe- shrimp and kani sandwich
shrimp and kani sandwich

UCC Vienna Cafe- siphon coffee
siphon coffee

I love UCC coffee!
UCC Vienna Cafe- siphon coffee-001

Jin’s idea was to take favorite Filipino desserts and turn them in to cakes. Smart idea huh?
UCC halo halo cake

Let me tell you first, I’m not fond of halo halo since I don’t like any form of beans. That’s the reason Razon’s is the only halo halo I will eat if at all. Halo halo has just never been a favorite dessert of mine. With that disclaimer I will now let you know what my impression of the halo halo cake is.

The halo halo cake was definitely well thought of. Small details like a layer of leche flan, ube halaya and cream in between the layers ube chiffon cake was brilliant. Jin however frowned when I started picking just the pieces of banana, langka and leche flan. She kept telling me to eat the whole thing together. Giggling I replied, “the thick cake won’t fit my mouth!” I ate all the yummy nangkasuy ice cream too.

To be fair I’m not really the target market for cakes like these. I prefer any dessert to be dark brown (chocolate) in color. That’s it. But for people who love halo halo then you must try this cake. It’s like having your halo halo and eating your cake too. What could be better than that?
UCC halo halo cake-001

halo halo cake P250

UCC macapuno cake

UCC macapuno cake-001
macapuno cake P225

UCC Vienna Cafe
59 Connecticut St, Greenhills
San Juan City, Metro Manila
telephone: 726-1728


8 thoughts on “New Cakes from UCC Vienna Cafe

  1. Leslie, that yakiniku salad look so good that it could be in French roll like Vietnamese Banh.  Does Jin have a cake business with UCC?  Well halo halo cake with beans in it is not for me also.  I do like it in ice cream.  I thought Jin and you were distant cousins due to her family have Cheng on mother side.


  2. Seriously, how can you be friends if you can’t even eat what your friend offers you in good gesture?  Would it kill you to eat a slice of FREE awesome UCC cake today?


  3. wow i had no idea jin was a consultant for ucc! i’ve always thought that halo-halo cake was genius.  must try soon!


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