What I ate and bought at Mercato Centrale

Bale Dutung Lechon Tortilla-3
Yesterday I finally went to Mercato Centrale at The Fort. It was my first time to go to an outdoor market. Can you believe I haven’t been to Salcedo, Legaspi or Greenhills markets yet?

Mercato is just behind Serendra condominiums. We got there around 9:30 and there were lots of people already.There was sufficient paid parking around the tents.
Mercato Centrale

Mercato Centrale-1

We went in through the outdoor grill area.
Mercato Centrale-2

What I ate.

The first thing we did when we got there was to head straight to Bale Dutung’s stall before the line gets long. While in the queue Rochelle’s son bought taclings from the stall across. Taclings were mini tacos in egg trays. You have to pop the whole thing in your mouth so you can eat the ground beef, tomatoes and sour cream at the same time. Not bad at all. 
Mr. & Mrs. Taclings. Taclings-2
Mr. & Mrs. Taclings

Without a doubt the stall of Claude Tayag’s Bale Dutung was the most popular in Mercato. When we got the there the line was about 5 people deep. Around 10:30 there were only 3 people in line. At 11:30 the line went around the corner. I pity the stalls that were blocked by the people in line.
Bale Dutung Pan de Bagnet
Bale Dutung Pan de Bagnet P150

Bale Dutung Pan de Bagnet-1

This reminded me of the porchetta sandwich in San Francisco’s Ferry Terminal.  The skin was as crisp as it looked.
Bale Dutung Pan de Bagnet-2

Bale Dutung Pan de Bagnet-3

I took a bite of Rochelle’s Pan de Bagnet and found it just ok. The meat was tender and I liked the vinaigrette.
Bale Dutung Pan de Bagnet-4

Bale Dutung Lechon Tortilla
Bale Dutung Lechon Tortilla P150

Bale Dutung Lechon Tortilla-1

I tried a bit of the crispy lechon flakes and found it dry and lacking in taste. I wanted to change my order to the pan de bagnet but the server told me to try it. I took a chance and went ahead with it since all the people in front of me bought that too.
Bale Dutung Lechon Tortilla-2

This was supposed to have lots of cilantro but since I hate cilantro with a passion so I told them to skip it.
Bale Dutung Lechon Tortilla-3

I groaned when I took the first bite. The crispy lechon flakes soaked up the oriental sauce, vinaigrette and kimchi. There was an explosion of all sorts of flavors from sweet, sour and spicy. It was simply amazing! One of the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. Now I understand the long lines. I want to go back to eat this.
Bale Dutung-Lechon Tortilla-4

Warren bought an oyster cake from Cheryl’s Cuisine for all of us to share.
Cheryl's Cuisine

I don’t like oyster cake and never eat it but I tried this oyster cake. Oh my. It was so good! There was lots of fresh oysters, it wasn’t too slimy and it was cooked to a crisp. I also loved the sweet spicy sauce that came with it. I’m now an oyster cake fan. I bought an additional two orders to take home.
Cheryl's Cuisine-Oyster Cake
oyster cake P140

I also bought a pigeon which I ate for dinner. It wasn’t as soft as the owner promised but it wasn’t bad at all.  I also bought their kiampung which was made with Japanese rice and didn’t have msg. Yummy!
Cheryl's Cuisine-Fried Pigeon
pigeon P300

For dessert I had a scoop of earl grey tea from Merry Moo. It had a really strong tea flavor and it wasn’t as sweet as regular ice cream.
Merry Moo Ice Cream
P60/scoop P230/pint

What I bought. 

I love savory pies and since I saw Lori’s review on Tina’s pies I immediately bought some to try.
Tina's Pie Outlet

I bought the cheese steak, chicken and bacon and beef and San Miguel beer. The pies cost from P200-P230 each. I was disappointed she didn’t have the lamb and the salmon and prawns were out of stock. The pies are currently stored in the freezer until I’m ready to eat them.
Tina's Pie Outlet-1

I also bought a small biko or bibingka malagkit from Q’s Kitchen. It’s the best! Soft and sweet.
Q Kitchen

Rochelle and Chris went gaga over the oatmeal, sultana and pinipig crispy cookies.
Q Kitchen's cookies

Warren and I got sales talked into buying the bignay tea made from branches, twig and bark of the bignay tree. It was supposed to cure high blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, diabetes, acne, uti, asthma, erectile dysfunction and many other diseases medical science has yet to find cures for.

What the guy said that convinced us to buy was, “it can reduce your belly size.” Then he looked at me and said, “but it won’t reduce the size of the arms and legs.” I wish I had a bignay branch or tree to hit him with.
Aro Baro Churo's Bignay Tea
bignay tea P100

Ormoc Farms pineapple
sweet pineapple from Ormoc Farms P55

So here’s my purchases from Mercato Centrale.
What I bought in Mercato Centrale

What I would like to try next time.
Rodrigo's Roast
Rodrigo’s roast beef belly with wickedly good mashed potatoes


kyoto macha milk tea from Tea.ology

Interesting but no thanks.
Offbeat Burgers
Offbeat Kitchen’s Krispy Kreme glazed donut burger and
Ensaymada chorizo burger

I got a kick out of the big ass fan that provided a cool and quiet breeze in the outdoor dining area.
Big Ass Fans

There were so many, many other food stalls selling paella, barbecue, fried chicken, sausages, tapa and lots of cake stalls. But after the super yummy lechon tortilla, oyster cake and countless free samples I was too full to try anything else. I definitely have to go back and try other food. But then I want to eat the lechon tortilla again. What a conundrum!

Mercato Centrale
corner of 9th Ave. and 30th St., Bonifacio Global City

Bale Dutung
Villa Gloria Subdivision, Angeles City, Pampanga
telephone: 668-4038, 502-4527

cellphone: 0917-5359198

Merry Moo Artisan Ice Cream
Kelvin Ngo   0917-5289590

Cheryl’s Cuisine
Franklin and Belen So
telephone: 255-2628, 514-8699
cellphone: 0916-6291627

Savoury Pies by Tina Raines
cellphone: 0917-8310925 / 0918-6367952

Aro Baro Churo’s Bignay Tea
Fred Lee
telephone: 775-9352
cellphone: 0922-8920331

12 thoughts on “What I ate and bought at Mercato Centrale

  1. hi leslie!!! thanks for this post…am going home (to manila from bacolod) today and yes mercato centraleis in my destination list!! now i’m really excited to try the lechon tortilla…the bagnet thinglooks so good, too!!!! my niece has been there and she loves the place!!! nevermind thatyou havent been to legaspi and salcedo markets…been there once lang…this mercatocentrale sounds more interesting!!! i hope they have frozen yogurt somethwere there…and yesyes, i wish you had a (giant) twig to bop thetea-guy with!!!enjoy!!!! =) 😎


  2. Hello!  Pls. swing by the Herb’s Best stall at Mercato for the very interesting organic grilled veggies and other deliciously healthy products including the best selling  oven-dried, super low calorie pasta-noodles!


  3. I did see a couple of yogurt stalls there just not the machine dispensed kind. They ever sold kefir drink that wasn’t sour at all. Enjoy your visit there and tell me what else I should try. Thanks!!


  4. Hi Leslie,Thanks for visiting us during Sunday. We would be having Baked Banana, Rhum Raisins, and Orange Chocolate as our new flavors this coming weekend. 🙂  By the way,  our pint costs Php230. More power to your blog! Merry Moo


  5. Hi Leslie,If any of your readers is interested in Merry Moo, here are our details:Merry Moo Artisan Ice CreamKelvin Ngo0917-5289590merrymoo@ymail.com You can also add us in our facebook so you can check on our weekly announcements for our flavor line up for the weekend. Keep on mooing! 


  6. try fish n’ cheaps. although the fish is i think 4 pieces only, it’s very delicious especially when you dip it in the sauce  😉


  7. Hi! Thank you for including Empire in your blog post. I’d like to invite you to come to Macaron Day Manila 2011 so you can try my macarons for free! It’s on March 20, 2011, Sunday. If you’d like to know more, please visit the site http://macarondaymanila.blogspot.com. Hope to see you!


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