BenCab Museum

Bencab Museum
Back to another Baguio post! Contrary to popular belief we didn’t go to Baguio just to eat, eat and shop. We also took in some culture by visiting the Bencab Museum.

Although we took more pictures of ourselves in the museum than actually look at the artwork.
Bencab Museum-1

The entrance fee to the museum was P100 only. The museum has four floors going down and is divided into several galleries.
Bencab Museum-2

Bencab Museum-3
museum shop

That’s BenCab’s house. In case you don’t know who BenCab is, his real name is Benedicto Reyes Cabrera and he’s a national artist in the Philippines and a master of contemporary art. He lives and works in Baguio City.
Bencab Museum-5

The scenery outside the museum was just as fabulous as the precious artwork inside.
Bencab Museum-6

Bencab Museum-7

Bencab Museum-4
Sabel series on tile

Bencab Museum-9

Bencab Museum-8

Bencab Museum-10

Cordillera Gallery
Bencab Museum-11

Bencab Museum-12

My silly friend tried out the Hagabi bench made for the royalty of the ifugao. It was made with one solid piece of wood.
Bencab Museum-13

See I told you we took pictures everywhere!
Bencab Museum-14

Bencab Museum-15

Our tour guide, Ryan told us that BenCab bought and owns this mountain across the museum.
Bencab Museum-17

Bencab Museum-16

Bencab Museum-18
their greenhouse

Bencab Museum-19
Ryan, our tour guide and photographer

BenCab Gallery

This is a portrait of Sabel, BenCab’s muse. Sabel is a ‘taong grasa’ or street person BenCab found in Tondo.

All these paintings are part of BenCab’s private collection and are not for sale.
Bencab Museum-20

Bencab Museum-21

Bencab Museum-22

Bencab Museum-23

Bencab Museum-24

Bencab self portait

Erotica Gallery

This was outside the erotica gallery.
Bencab Museum-25

According to Ryan these pieces of wood from China were so old that they turned into stone. It was really smooth, hard and cold on the inside and rough on the outside.
Bencab Museum-26
petrified wood

Philippine Contemporary Art Gallery

The artist used a magnifying glass to harness the sun’s heat to burn the black images on this artwork. I can only imagine how long it took him to complete this elaborate piece.
Bencab Museum-27

Bencab Museum-28

Bencab Museum-29

Bencab Museum-31

Bencab Museum-33
I don’t know who they are!

We finally reached the ground level.
Bencab Museum-30
another view of BenCab’s house

Ryan said on a clear day you can see the South China Sea.
Bencab Museum-32

Masters Gallery
Bencab Museum-34

Araceli Limcaco Dans - Bandera I
Araceli Limcaco Dans – Bandera I

Arturo Luz
Arturo Luz

Jose Joya
Jose Joya

Bencab Museum-35

Bencab Museum-36

Cafe Sabel
Cafe Sabel

BenCab Museum
Km. 6 Asin Road

Museum hours:
Open daily except Mondays, Christmas Day & New Year’s Day
from 9:00am to 6:00pm (last entry at 5:30pm)

Admission to the Museum:
General: PHP 100.00
Students and senior citizens with valid ID: PHP 80.00
Special rates for student groups with prior arrangement.

Transportation Access
Car: 15-minute drive from Baguio City center.
Public transport: Jeep to Asin from jeepney terminal near Baguio market.

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