Lunch at Wood Nymph Korean Restaurant

Korean style bacon-2
While doing research on where to eat in Baguio I saw Lori’s glowing review on Wood Nymph Korean restaurant. So after our visit to BenCab Museum we headed there at around 2:00 pm.

Wood Nymph Korean restaurant

Wood Nymph Korean restaurant-2

Wood Nymph Korean restaurant-3

Korean bean paste and sesame oil w/ pepper dipping sauces

Wood Nymph Korean restaurant-6

Korean style bacon

Korean style bacon-1

It looked fatty but it was actually leaner than the beef after it was cooked. We all liked the pork much better. It was more tender and had some crisp portions. It wasn’t marinated but after a quick dip in the bean paste it was perfect.
Korean style bacon-2
Korean style bacon P250

It was a good thing they cooked the meats on another table since the restaurant didn’t have any exhaust except for the open windows. Thus the abundance of flies. It was really annoying and it hampered the enjoyment of the food.
beef bbq ribs

beef bbq ribs-1
beef bbq ribs P400

I didn’t try any of the spicy dishes except for the squid. My friends ate them heartily though.
Wood Nymph Korean restaurant-7

Their japchae or chapchae was the best I’ve ever eaten. Really! The noodles were chewy and smooth and just the right amount of sweet and salty. We loved it so much that we immediately ordered another one. The second japchae was so dry and so far from the japchae we loved so much. We left half of it uneaten. How can a few minutes make so much difference on one dish? Too bad.
chap chae
japchae P200

kimchi stew
kimchi stew P180

Even though the squid looked terrifyingly spicy I tried it since I love squid. At first bite it was so tender, a little sweet and not too spicy. A few seconds later my throat started to burn. Water! Arggghh!
spicy squid
spicy squid P250

I’m sorry to say this was the worst pajeon I’ve ever eaten. I can’t even begin to describe how flat, boring and tasteless it was. Avoid this at all cost.
seafood pajeon
haemul pajeon P190

I didn’t like Wood Nymph as much as Lori did probably because we didn’t order some of her favorite dishes. It was just satisfactory to me. I still like Ye Dang so much more.

Wood Nymph Korean Restaurant
36 Military Cut-Off Road,
Baguio City 2600
telephone: (074) 446-0272

5 thoughts on “Lunch at Wood Nymph Korean Restaurant

  1. ye dang is ok. not the greatest. given tons of other just as authentic korean resturants out there one should keep one’s options more open to “bests”


  2. I agree! Any suggestions to other Korean restaurants I can try? So far I’ve tried about 5 in Manila and so far I’ve liked Ye Dang the best.


  3. there are several alone in the makati ave area. unammed places in alleys; or maybe i just couldn’t understand the signboards. one such place you enter the street where there’s a wendy’s at the corner and should be on the left side


  4. My friends and I tried this restaurant last dec when we went to baguio and I agree with you. Flies is everywhere and the lady owner, she gave a complimentary fruit (suha) to all her korean customer while she really ignore us. We’re the only pinay customer at that time and and we’re so disappointed.


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