Palaganas Bakery and Carlo’s Pizza

Palaganas Bakery's raisin bread
After reading Lori’s entry on a bakeshop that sold raisin bread better than Baguio Country Club’s famous raisin bread we went looking for it.

We got a little lost following Lori’s instructions. So here’s how we got there. After exiting Camp John Hay’s Loakan gate turn left and after approximately 1.5 km you will see it on your right.
Palaganas Bakery-5

Palaganas Bakery
walang patawad!!

There were many kinds of bread but I followed what Lori said was good. I tried the long johns which were about 6″ of fried bread stuffed with cheese. I loved it so much. The bread wasn’t oily yet it was dense and chewy. It had a slight hint of sweetness with saltiness from the cheese. I brought back 6 pieces to Manila. I should have bought a dozen and kept it in the freezer. The long john costs P9 each. 

Deb loved the pan de coco and she bought 20 pieces. It costs P6 each.
Palaganas Bakery-1

We arrived at 11:20 am and the raisin bread just came out of the kitchen was still warm. I had a loaf sliced so everyone could try it.
Palaganas Bakery-2

After receiving a hard and dry raisin bread from Baguio Country Club as a gift I was wary to buy it again.  Palaganas Bakery’s raisin bread was soft, moist and filled with a generous quantity of large and plump raisins and lots of cinnamon. I really liked it. It was good even after 2 days in room temperature. It kept in the refrigerator for 5 more days and tasted even better when toasted.

Only Deb and I bought raisin bread. The others still preferred BCC’s raisin bread though. I wonder why.
Palaganas Bakery's raisin bread
raisin bread P95

Later that night we decided to stay home in our jammies and ordered pizza for dinner.
Carlo's Pizza

It was my first time to try Carlo’s Pizza and I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked the super thin crust and the toppings were generous. Everyone’s favorite was the 4 cheese pizza with chunks of blue cheese.
Carlo's Pizza-quatro formaggi
quatro formaggi, regular P290

Carlo's Pizza-capriccioso
capriccioso, regular P270

Carlo’s Pizza doesn’t deliver to Baguio Country Club for reasons unknown so we just picked it up.
Carlo's Pizza-pesto
pesto, regular P290

Our dinner consisted of pizza, cheese, wine and Patron. Happy, happy, happy!

Drinking in your bedroom is a good thing! The bed is just a few spins away.
Anejo Patron
Anejo Patron

Palaganas Bakery
99 Scout Barrio
Baguio City

Carlo’s Pizza Camp John Hay

Mile Hi Center, Camp John Hay, Baguio City
telephone: (074) 446-1387

Store Hours:
12:00 pm -8:00 pm ( Monday – Thursday )
11:00am – 9:00 pm ( Friday -Sunday )

other branches

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