Dinner at Vapiano

ravioli ricotta e spinaci
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

For my last meal in Virginia I chose to eat at Vapiano. Sharon and I already ate there a week before but I didn’t have my camera with me. I liked it so much that we went back with La and her kids so I could shoot and eat again.


Vapiano originated from Germany and is in several countries around the world. They are opening more branches in the USA.


Vapiano’s concept is fresh casual Italian food. Everything is made to order in front of you. Another innovation is their use of the ‘chip card’ which is given to you when you enter.

bar and dessert section

In the middle of the dining area is a mini garden which housed pots of all the herbs they use in their food.
fresh herbs


The long counter is divided into several areas – pasta, salad, panini, pizza & antipasti.



Proceed to the counter of your choice. Grab a tray, utensils, glass and napkins.

At the pasta bar choose your pasta.
Vapiano's menu

Vapiano's menu-1

Choose what kind of sauce you want.
Vapiano's menu-2
(click to enlarge)

The pots of herbs are right in front of the chef for easy picking.
Vapiano fresh herbs

Tell the chef your order and put your chip card in front of the scanner and it will encode your order. Whatever you order in the restaurant including drinks and dessert will be charged to your chip card. When you’re done eating just bring the chip card to the cashier and settle your bill. Fast and easy!

This just shows you how versatile a wok is. It really is the best cooking vessel for any kind of cuisine.

fresh pasta choices
fresh pasta choices

ingredients & sauces
ingredients & sauces

I really liked this way of ordering and interacting with the chef. I was even able to customize my pasta. I asked the chef if he can add some cream to the tomato sauce of my sausage pasta and he did!
cooking the pasta

The first time I went to Vapiano I had the Granchi de Fiume or  crayfish, lobster sauce and fresh vegetables. I loved it so much I told La to order it. 

The lobster sauce was creamy without being too heavy and the crayfish was very fresh and plentiful. The serving was quite big too. We all managed to finish only half of our pastas.
granchi de fiume
granchi de fiume $11.95

This time I tried the Italian sausage, roasted vegetables with tomato sauce. With my request of the addition of cream sauce it became a pink sauce. Delicious! The pasta was perfectly al dente and the fresh herbs really made a difference in taste.
sausage e verdure
sausage e verdure $10.95

Sha had the carbonara again. So not adventurous this cousin of mine! It was really good and fattening though.
fettucine carbonara $10.95

The kids loved their pizza and spaghetti.
children's menu- cheese pizza
children’s menu- cheese pizza

children's menu- butter and cheese spaghetti
children’s menu- butter and cheese spaghetti

Bread came with the pasta. Olive oil and balsamic vinegar were readily available on the table. We just asked the chef for a dish of Parmesan cheese to add to our oil and vinegar for a perfect dip for the bread.

desserts @ Vapiano

Their desserts were served in tiny shot glasses. So cute and yummy!
desserts @ Vapiano-1

rich & creamy chocolate torte
rich & creamy chocolate torte $4.95

whipped semi-sweet chocolate & cream
whipped semi-sweet chocolate & cream


I wouldn’t be surprised if someone from Manila is already negotiating for a franchise. This concept will surely be a big hit in the Philippines. Good, fast, fresh Italian food at a friendly price.

21100 Dulles Town Circle
Dulles,VA 20166
telephone: (703) 574-4740

a branch is opening in Reston Town Center soon. Woohoo!

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