Dinner at 2nd’s, Comfort Food Revisited

lamb shepherd's pie
Our group went to 2nd’s to meet up with some HS classmates for an impromptu reunion. We went there straight from Tagaytay that’s why we were late. It was probably due to our shopping spree at Mr. Moo’s.

To find 2nd’s go to Cav Wine Shop and Cafe and it’s right across. This is the only sign you will see since they are located on the 2nd floor.
2nd's restaurant

I really liked the ambiance. It felt like I was in a restaurant in New York.
2nd's restaurant-1

New faces on my blog!

When we arrived they had already ordered 2 appetizers. The Angus beef salpicao was good but I didn’t find any foie gras in it. I asked the waiter to show me where it was and he couldn’t find it too so he took the dish back to the kitchen.
angus salpicao with foie gras
Angus salpicao with foie gras P625

The small dish came back with 3 tiny cubes of foie gras. This was a pretty expensive dish and I don’t think it’s worth it as an appetizer.
angus salpicao with foie gras-1

The chicken adobo croquetas were delish! Crispy, creamy and flavorful.
chicken adobo croquetas
chicken adobo croquetas P325

I ordered the lamb shepherd’s pie since I haven’t started my diet then. Tender pieces of lamb with veggies including potatoes cooked in a tomato based sauce and topped with the richest, buttered smashed potatoes and a very, very generous amount of cheddar cheese. I liked it but the über buttery potatoes and cheese made it a bit too rich. I could feel the fat crawling through my arteries. I also expected a brown sauce which was more traditional. I wonder why they put potatoes in the stew when it was to be topped with more potatoes. I wish they would use some other vegetable or just omit it.
lamb shepherd's pie
lamb shepherd’s pie P435

These are what my other friends ordered. I didn’t get to try any of the other dishes but I assume it was good since everyone’s plate was wiped clean.

Take a classic Filipino dish like caldereta and use lamb instead and top it with Swiss cheese. Very imaginative!
lamb caldereta gratin
lamb caldereta gratin P590

Debbie said she preferred the duck confit of Antonio’s but it wasn’t bad at all. She really liked the emmenthal mashed potatoes and pineapple chutney.
crispy duck confit
crispy duck confit P850

Janet liked her fish and chips made with barramundi fish. She probably liked it because of the Red Horse beer batter. I really liked the skinny fries and the inclusion of malt vinegar and dill aoili. Very authentic!
red horse fish and chips
Red Horse fish and chips P520

Some health conscious classmates ordered the sea bass sinigang. This must be the only place where you can find sea bass in a sour soup.
sea bass sinigang
sea bass sinigang P455

When I get off this diet I want to try the yummy looking Tilapia with Thai red curry sauce. This was the cheapest item on the menu for main dishes yet it looked like a generous serving.
shoreshide Thai red curry
shoreshide Thai red curry P375

A simple text message that was forwarded around yielded these many classmates eager to meet and eat. Anytime ladies! Text away.

I highly recommend you try the comfort food with a twist at 2nd’s. Their food is inventive, innovative and well cooked. They do have healthy choices too proving not all comfort food is fattening.
2nd's menu
2nd’s menu
2nd's menu-1

2nd's menu-2

2/F Wumaco Bldg. 1, Quadrant 3,
9th Ave. Bonifacio High Street
Taguig City, Metro Manila
telephone: 846-5293

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