Nespresso Pixie

espresso shot-2
Meet my new passion, an espresso.

I love coffee and I used to drink plain brewed coffee or a cafe Americano. But since my Saeco espresso machine finally died and I had to return it to Costco where I got a full refund after 6 years (don’t you just love their return policy) I’ve relied on a plastic drip filter to make coffee. I also have acid reflux that’s why I can’t have too much coffee.

Last month when I stayed at The Venetian in Macao, our room had a Nespresso machine and I got to try an espresso for the first time. I always thought that espresso was really strong but I was surprised how good and satisfying it was. I read on a forum Espresso is NOT simply strong coffee. It’s a completely different beverage. Coffee uses water to wash through grinds and only release their water-soluble flavors (the “solubles”). Espresso is made with a small amount of water forced through the grinds at extreme pressure, thus releasing their oil-based flavors (the “insolubles”).

When I went back to Hong Kong I visited the Nespresso boutique at Elements Mall. I tried more free espresso and finally bought their newest machine, the Nespresso Pixie.
Nespresso Pixie-2
Nespresso Pixie in electric red, Pixie sleeve

The Pixie has a water reservoir in the back.
Nespresso Pixie-1

The Pixie has a really small footprint. Here you can see it beside a Jack Lalaine juicer. It’s perfect for small spaces.
Nespresso Pixie

When I bought the Pixie it came with a free discovery box containing all 16 grand crus capsules and a espresso cup and saucer. Nespresso machines use only their proprietary capsules filled with different blends of coffee. The capsules are available in 2 stores in Hong Kong, Elements Mall and IFC Mall. I found a supplier in Manila but the capsules cost twice as much. It’s good many people go to Hong Kong so it’s easy to get my supply of capsules. A capsule cost HK$4.7 to 5.30 each.
Nespresso Pixie
All these came with the Nespresso Pixie

I also bought this aluminum sleeve dispenser from the Pixie collection. It holds 4 different boxes of capsules for easy access.
Nespresso Pixie sleeve basic

When I got back to Manila I got obsessed buying espresso cups. I was happy to find a decent selection from Gourdo’s, Landmark, SM and Rustan’s.
espresso cups-1
my espresso cup collection (so far)
espresso cups-2

I even found espresso spoons. I thought my regular teaspoon would do until I tried stirring my espresso. It won’t even fit in the cup.
espresso spoon

I store all my espresso related stuff in the cabinet above the machine.
espresso cup collection

I’m now a Nespresso addict. I take my espresso with a dash of non dairy creamer and some stevia. I love how smooth and non acidic it tastes. The body of the espresso is full and the taste lasts a long time in my mouth, long after I’ve finished this small cup. It really can’t compare with a regular cup of coffee. This is now my dessert after meals. On weekends I’ve consumed up to 3 espressos a day. I’ve been drinking this for almost a month and have yet to experience acid reflux. Before, drinking regular coffee for 4 days straight would already trigger my acid reflux.

This shot of espresso is also the perfect base for a latte or cappuccino. I tried adding some hot milk to my espresso but I realized I liked it better with a little non dairy creamer.
espresso shot-3
thick crema – love, love, love!

Nespresso has 16 kinds of capsules to choose from. They rate from an intensity of 10 to 2. The blends are described woody, cereal, fruity, roasted or cocoa.
16 grand crus
image from

I’ve tried a lot of the blends but my favorites are the Arpeggio which has an intensity of 9. It has a very distinct cocoa flavor that I really love. It’s taken the place of chocolates in my diet. At night I drink the Decaffeinato Intenso which has an intensity of 7. It’s similar in taste to the Arpeggio but just a little lighter. This is one decaf that lets me sleep soundly every night. If I want a lighter and sweeter espresso I drink the Dulsao do Brasil which has honey and malt notes.
my favorite Nespresso crus
image from

Nespresso Boutique Hong Kong
2nd Level, Shop #2096. No. 1 Austin Road, West Kowloon, Hong Kong 
1 Harbour View Street, Central, IFC Mall, Podium Level One, Shop 1019B, Hong Kong

19 thoughts on “Nespresso Pixie

  1. Not selling yet in amazon. In Williams sonoma $250 in Hk $1988. Same Lang and HK is nearer in case it needs repair. And it’s 220v na.


  2. i LOVE my Nespresso machine!!!! My favorite capsules are Ristretto, Arpeggio, Decaf Intenso, Dulsao and Rosabaya … Indriya is the least flavor that I like.Enjoy your machine!


  3. We like the same flavors Lizzie! I have to try the Rosabaya. I didn’t like Indriya or Onirio too.


  4. I just discovered the beauty of having the Pixie at home. I am ADDICTED to the coffee!! We are lucky enough to live close to a Nespresso Boutique I don’t have to pay for shipping if I don’t want to. =)


  5. Has anyone tried buying the capsules from these sellers on Sulit? The price seems lower. And is anyone repairing the Nespresso machines in the Philippines


  6. I love my Nespresso Machine. I got the Latissima Premium and I adore it. I got a pixie for travel plus a case. Will get the milk frothier for travel soon. I wondered about opening a Nespresso cafe using their business designed machines and provide different flavor sort creamers and stuff to top off the drinks. I think it would be fun to open a cafe that has a coffee bar side, and an over 21 side that serves liquor with the espresso blends and a exclusive smokers lounge for cigars and a espresso that is private, members only cigar lounge and cigar locker.


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