Dinner with Sonia

crab fried rice
The title of this post is dinner with Sonia because I don’t know the name of the restaurant she brought us too. Everything was written in Thai. It was definitely a place for the locals.

We finished our massage at almost 11:00 pm. We were surprised that Sonia wanted to take us for late dinner. We didn’t really want to go but she insisted. She said this place was one of her and her daughter’s favorite places to eat at.

This cooking cart was on the sidewalk just outside the restaurant.
roadside restaurant in Thailand

roadside restaurant in Thailand-1

Everything was cooked in this small cart.
roadside restaurant in Thailand-2

The seating extended to the sidewalk.
roadside restaurant in Thailand-3

It was soooooo cold that night. We were really shivering outside. Yes we were in Bangkok in March. 
roadside restaurant in Thailand-4

Luckily a big table became available and we moved inside where it was warm and toasty.
roadside restaurant in Thailand-5

If you can read this I suggest you go this restaurant asap and try their food.
roadside restaurant in Thailand-6

The restaurant was like our carinderia.
roadside restaurant in Thailand-8

roadside restaurant in Thailand-7

roadside restaurant in Thailand-9
Sonia and her daughter

This simply cooked yet delicious vegetable dish was the most expensive because of the fresh clams.
veggies with clams
veggies with clams – 200 baht

I don’t know what kind of fish was used or what else was in the stew but it was really, really good.
fish stew
fish stew – 60

The tom yum soup was very flavorful but too spicy for me.
tom yum soup
tom yum soup – 80

We all loved the tender pork bursting with flavors and wanted to order another plate but they ran out. That’s the disadvantage of eating at 11:00 pm.
pork with Thai basil
pork with Thai basil

My favorite was the crab fried rice. It wasn’t anything fancy but what made it fabulous was when you put some spicy fish sauce and lime on it. Just adding those two condiments made the ordinary fried rice into a fantabulous, kick @$$ rice.
crab fried rice
crab fried rice – 35 baht

The noodles were just ordinary for me. Not bad at all but I loved the rice much more.
noodles – 35 baht

We told Sonia not too order too much since we weren’t hungry. She didn’t listen to us. Thank goodness. We wiped out 5 plates of fried rice and 4 noodles. Hey there were 7 of us ok?
empty plates

Sonia ordered a bottle of roselle juice for us to try. Roselle is the same as hibiscus which we are more familiar with usually in tea form. It was mild and sweet.
roselle juice
roselle juice – 10 baht

It was late and  we were tired and cold. But when we tried the good food our appetites suddenly came alive and we ate with gusto. Sonia said our whole meal cost only 700 baht. We probably could have eaten more if they didn’t run out of food. I really wanted one more order of fried rice. Thanks again for dinner Sonia!!!

For a restaurant with a kitchen in the form of a small cart on the sidewalk they sure have a lot of variety on their menu.
Thai menu

Thai menu-1

Thai menu-2

Thai menu-3

Thai menu-4

Thai menu-5

Thai menu-6

Thai menu-7

Klongtoey area
telephone: 66860009367 (they don’t speak English)

2 thoughts on “Dinner with Sonia

  1. Crab fried rice. It must’ve been so awesome for you to call it KICK @$$ rice!!! I am extremely envious!!! 35 baht!Gotta move over to SE Asia pronto!


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