Shopping and Eating in Hong Kong: K11 Mall

K11 Mall, TST
Another nice place to shop and eat in Tsim Sha Tsui is a relatively new mall called K11. It’s not a big mall but there are some interesting shops and restaurants there.

One of my favorite Chinese restaurants that also serve awesome dim sum is Pak Loh Chiu Chow has a branch in K11. You can read my reviews here and here. Another restaurant I like is Miso Cool which serves good ramen.
K11 Mall, TST-1

K11 Mall, TST-2

If you ask anyone in Hong Kong where to find the best macarons one of the answers that will definitely come up is at Paul Lafayet Patisserie Francaise.
Paul Lafayet Patisserie Francaise
Paul Lafayet Patisserie Francaise

All the pastries looked so tempting too.
Paul Lafayet Patisserie Francaise-1

Paul Lafayet Patisserie Francaise-2

New in the mall is Smile Yogurt & Dessert Bar.
Smile Yogurt and Dessert Bar
Smile Yogurt and Dessert Bar

I’ve never seen anything like this in Manila. Frozen yogurt was served as beautiful parfaits. The average price per cup was HK$45 with some variations costing as much as HK$88.
Smile Yogurt and Dessert Bar-1

Smile Yogurt and Dessert Bar-2

Smile Yogurt and Dessert Bar-3

Smile Yogurt and Dessert Bar-4

They had an interesting topping, fruit salad in Greek yogurt.
Smile Yogurt and Dessert Bar-5

Smile Yogurt and Dessert Bar-6
Smile Yogurt & Dessert Bar’s menu
Smile Yogurt and Dessert Bar-7

In K11 there are your usual stores like Longchamp, Clarks, Y3 and the usual assortment of jewelry stores and a Jason’s Marketplace supermarket. What’s unique are these two lifestyle stores.
The Taschen Shop, Hong Kong
The Taschen Shop

Taschen is a German art publisher and lifestyle store.
The Taschen Shop, Hong Kong-1

The Taschen Shop, Hong Kong-2

The Taschen Shop, Hong Kong-3

They also sold original Dyson electric fans.
The Taschen Shop, Hong Kong-4

K11 DesingStore sold a lot of really unique bags, wallets and umbrellas.
K11 Design Store
K11 DesignStore

K11 Design Store-1

Outside K11 is Espressame Illy where you can have the world famous Illy coffee and dessert.
Espressame Illy
Espressame Illy

They also sold collectible espresso cup sets. The one below cost HK$2,200 for the 6 piece set.
Espressamen Illy-1

Next door is a uniquely named cake store called awfullychocolate.
Awfully Chocolate, K11

They sold only whole cakes in three variants plus one flavor of ice cream and some chocolate truffles.
Awfully Chocolate, K11-1

Awfully Chocolate, K11-2

Right across is another lifestyle store called Emoi.


Next to it is the newly opened Agne b cafe.
Agnes b Cafe

Agnes b Cafe-1

If you have extra time a visit to K11 Mall is a worthy trip.

K11 Mall18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

6 thoughts on “Shopping and Eating in Hong Kong: K11 Mall

  1. I saw this mall when we are walking around tst area.. But was intimated so we decided to skip this a just go around granville area.. Hey leslie! Sana next in line naman mga hotels in hongkong.. I know youve been to hk million times kaya you should know better about what hotels are goo to stay in.. Looking forward to it! Love your blog!


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