Romankan Yokohama at iSquare

When iSquare  opened a few years ago I remember Romankan Yokohama was one of the first restaurants to open. I guess I wasn’t too interested in tonkatsu then. Last August I finally got to try this Japanese restaurant. Read on to see how they compare to all the tonkatsu restaurants in Hong Kong and Manila. 

Cheap & Good Eats at Chiu Fat Porridge Noodle Restaurant

One of the restaurants we always patronize in Hong Kong is this hole in the wall restaurant that serves the best congee and pretty good noodle soup. Chiu Fat used to be in Hankow Rd. but now it moved to a more visible location in Lock Rd. It’s right beside Swindon Books and next toContinue reading “Cheap & Good Eats at Chiu Fat Porridge Noodle Restaurant”