Shopping and Eating in Hong Kong: The Landmark

The Landmark Hong Kong
Since I stay in Kowloon side when I’m in Hong Kong I hardly cross the tunnel to shop or eat. Sometimes I’ll go to Causeway Bay. This time I had an errand to do in Central so I went to The Landmark for some window shopping and picture taking.

I never go to The Landmark since the stores there are way beyond my budget. The only reason I go there is to eat the best French restaurant in Hong Kong,  L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon. One of my first posts was about my unforgettable lunch there. We loved it so much we returned again and again. It’s really an experience you have to try at least once.
The Landmark Hong Kong-1

I went straight to the 3rd level to a supermarket called ThreeSixty. They sold a wide variety of organic and alternative food for those with special allergies.
ThreeSixtya @ The Landmark

It was pure torture walking into ThreeSixty. This fabulous display of bread greeted me. I haven’t eaten bread in six months and let me tell you I was really, really tempted.
ThreeSixty @ The Landmark-1

ThreeSixty @ The Landmark-2

ThreeSixty @ The Landmark-3

As if the bread wasn’t enough torture the chocolate selections made me weep.
ThreeSixty @ The Landmark-4

They had varieties I’ve never seen before.
ThreeSixty @ The Landmark-5

ThreeSixty @ The Landmark-6

Cute packaging!
ThreeSixty @ The Landmark-7

Healthy chips anyone? This was the last picture I took since someone told me that picture taking wasn’t allowed. 😀
ThreeSixty @ The Landmark-8

ThreeSixty Food Court @ The Landmark-2

ThreeSixty @ The Landmark-9
ThreeSixty map

One level up is their food court.
ThreeSixty Food Court @ The Landmark
Juice and Salad Bar

ThreeSixty Food Court @ The Landmark-1
Japanese Noodles

ThreeSixty Food Court @ The Landmark-3
Middle Eastern

ThreeSixty Food Court @ The Landmark-4

ThreeSixty Food Court @ The Landmark-5
Mongolian BBQ

ThreeSixty Food Court @ The Landmark-6
Asian Cuisine

ThreeSixty Food Court @ The Landmark-7
Food Court Map

I then went to the basement to go take the MTR back to Kowloon. I saw this nice looking espresso bar called Fuel.
Fuel Espresso
Fuel Espresso

Soon to open is this coffee shop called simplylife. More bread and coffee!

Another interesting restaurant was Brat that sold sausage sandwiches.
Brat purveyors of awesome sausages
Brat, purveyors of awesome sausages

Brat purveyors of awesome sausages-1

HK$98 for one sausage sandwich? Mahal no? I would like to try it someday. Maybe it’s really, really good.
Brat purveyors of awesome sausages-menu

Brat purveyors of awesome sausages-3

If you go for designer brands and have money to burn then you must go to The Landmark. All the major brands have a store there including a huge Louis Vuitton store as well as Harvey Nichols. If a good meal is more important then you must have it Robuchon.

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon
Shop 315 & 401, The Landmark
telephone: (852) 2166 9000
15 Queen’s Road West
Hong Kong

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