Shopping in Hong Kong: French Chocolates and Macarons

La Maison Du Chocolat macarons
Happy birthday to me!! I’m a chocoholic and anything from these stores would make the perfect gift. But maybe next year since I’m on a diet and I haven’t eaten chocolates for six months, except for cheating with a few squares. Oh how I miss you, chocolates!!

The residents of Hong Kong are very lucky that two of the world’s best brands of high end chocolates have branches in Hong Kong.

If you are a chocoholic like me and can afford to pay for the best quality then these stores are for you. The first is Jean-Paul Hevin. I’ve never tried anything from this store but every time I pass by their store in Harbour City I never fail to gaze longingly at their display.
John Paul Hevin, Hong Kong

Macarons in so many flavors. Some even have two flavors of meringue shells in one macaron.
John Paul Hevin, Hong Kong-1

They have so many chocolate creations that I always get confused and can’t decide what to try first so I end up not buying anything. Will I buy a Lollipop Bouchée, Tubes, Pastes or Rounds? Yes that’s what their chocolates are called. Unique huh?
John Paul Hevin, Hong Kong-2

Then there are the traditional chocolate assortments.
John Paul Hevin, Hong Kong-3

They also have cookies and chocolate covered almonds.
John Paul Hevin, Hong Kong-4

Sometimes the simple ’rounds and squares’ are a better buy so you can taste the full flavor of the chocolate. With all these choices how will I ever decide?
John Paul Hevin, Hong Kong-5

The other famous chocolate store I discovered in Elements Mall was La Maison Du Chocolat.
La Maison Du Chocolat

Last December I tried their macarons and chocolates.
La Maison Du Chocolat-1

I loved the fillings of the macarons. They were rich, creamy and intense. I just found the almond meringue shell to be quite soft and too delicate. I wanted something thicker, crisp with a chewy bite. But then I’m not a macaron expert since it’s not really a favorite of mine.

Their chocolates on the other hand were simply wonderful. I didn’t even have patience to take pictures since I gobbled them up rather quickly. If I remember right the chocolates and macarons cost HK$20 each. Yes mahal.
La Maison Du Chocolat macarons

I was really careful putting the macarons in my bag but they were really very fragile.
La Maison Du Chocolat macarons-1
squished macarons

If you want to read more about La Maison Du Chocolat’s other products, read my friend Jin’s rave.

John-Paul HevinShop 212, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
telephone : +852-2735-3268

Shop and Chocolate Bar
Shop 2045A – IFC Mall, Central, Hong Kong
telephone : +852-2111-9770

La Maison Du Chocolat
Shop 2040A Second Level, 1A Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel : (852) 2196 8333

Shop 2006 Podium Level 2 IFC Mall, 1 Harbour View Street, Hong Kong
Tel : (+852) 2801 4880

Shop 109 First Floor, Prince Building, 10 Charter Road, Central, Hong Kong
Tel : (+852) 2801 4122

Shop 246 Level 2, Pacific Place 88 Queensway, Admiralty Hong Kong
Tel : (+852) 2522 2010

11 thoughts on “Shopping in Hong Kong: French Chocolates and Macarons

  1. Merry birthday Leslie.  May your day be happiest today!   Libra ka din pala and you are a day earlier than me…  but not age. hahahahaI still want your secrets to beautiful pictures. 


  2. all your postings are very good…..but this takes the (choco) cake!!!!!!! our family loves both, macarons and chocolates…….


  3. oh it is your birthday pala!!!! happy birthday!!!!! may you have more (choco-filled and macaron-awashed) birthdays to come!!!!!!! hahahaha


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