Inaniwa Udon Nabe Japanese Restaurant 稻庭烏冬·鍋物日本餐廳

On my last trip to Hong Kong I went on an udon eating spree. I’ve tried Jika Udon and Marugame Udon which both had the more traditional thick udon wheat flour noodles. This time the specialty was thin Inaniwa Udon from Akita, Japan.

Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant @ Elements Mall

We always check in at the Airport Express station in Austin Road just so we can do last minute shopping or eating at Elements Mall which is connected to the station. One of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong, Pak Loh Chiu Chow has a branch at Elements Mall. The other restaurants nearby barelyContinue reading “Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant @ Elements Mall”

Lunch at Nahm Restaurant

Last August I went back to Hong Kong alone to submit more requirements to the Hong Kong immigration. I had to go back to their offices three times and finally the kind immigration officer gave in to my request of for an extension of stay for another two years.( I’m a Hong Kong resident.)I wasContinue reading “Lunch at Nahm Restaurant”

Shopping in Hong Kong: French Chocolates and Macarons

Happy birthday to me!! I’m a chocoholic and anything from these stores would make the perfect gift. But maybe next year since I’m on a diet and I haven’t eaten chocolates for six months, except for cheating with a few squares. Oh how I miss you, chocolates!!The residents of Hong Kong are very lucky thatContinue reading “Shopping in Hong Kong: French Chocolates and Macarons”