Contraband Coffee Bar

Contraband Coffee Bar- Mocha
With only four and a half days in San Francisco and so many coffee places to try I was lucky enough to sample some of the best in the city. I’ve been to Blue Bottle Coffee, Sightglass Coffee Roasters and Ritual Coffee Roasters. On my last night I was able to get the chance to try the newest coffee in town, Contraband Coffee Bar.

Contraband Coffee Bar

Just like many other coffee places a large communal table dominated the space.
Contraband Coffee Bar-1

Contraband Coffee Bar's menu
Contraband Coffee Bar’s menu

Contraband Coffee Bar-4

I bought a bag of Yemen Mocha Haraazi which my cousin and I thoroughly enjoyed in Virginia.
Contraband Coffee Bar coffee selection
Contraband Coffee’s bean selection

Contraband Coffee Bar-5

Contraband Coffee Bar-6

The always present drip-over filters, this time perched on shiny stainless steel.

I’ve always wanted to try a mocha since I read other stores used specialty chocolate ganache mixed with espresso and milk. At Contraband they used Ghirardelli cocoa powder mixed with water to make their chocolate sauce.

I was really disappointed with my mocha. The drink tasted like mild chocolate milk. There was barely any coffee that I could taste. It needed an extra shot of espresso or two. Next time I’ll stick to my usual drip-over coffee.
Contraband Coffee Bar- Mocha
mocha $4

Contraband Coffee Bar
1415 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA

2 thoughts on “Contraband Coffee Bar

  1. So sad to hear it was a disappointment (you had me at the Ghirardelli cocoa).  Better luck next time.  The best coffee place I have ever found was this hole the wall in Virginia, literally called Bad A** coffee, but it was!


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