Brunch at The Fox Hound

les escargot 9
I arrived in Virginia early in the morning. After unpacking and some breakfast we drove to Middleburg, Virginia.

Only half an hour from our location the area felt like I stepped back in time.
Middleburg, Va

Middleburg, Va-1

This is my cousin Lanneth with her hubby Chee and kids Ethan and Erin. She was my host for more than two weeks.
Middleburg, Va-2

Even the market was so charming.
Middleburg, Va-3

Middleburg, Va-4

Middleburg, Va-5

For lunch we ate at The French Hound.
The French Hound

The French Hound-1

The French Hound-2

The French Hound-3

The French Hound-4

The escargot was very soft and not salty. The butter sauce was very garlicky with a grassy after taste from the parsley and basil. I’m sure bread dipped in the butter garlic sauce was fantastic.
les escargot 9-1
les escargot $9

My cousin La loves duck. As soon as I saw it on the menu I knew that’s what she would order. We’re all actually quite predictable. Boring huh?
confit de canard 13
confit de canard $13

My nephew Ethan is a meat and potatoes guy. He’s lucky I don’t eat potatoes anymore. I used to be his nemesis with fries. As a matter of fact it was Ethan who taught me to love fries.
steak frites onglet 15
steak frites – onglet $15

I love the words ‘pot pie’ and teamed with ‘truffled lobster’ it was an easy choice for me. I just didn’t anticipate so much cream sauce.
hommard - truffled lobster pot pie 16
hommard $16

I picked out all the yummy lobster and ate the flaky puff pastry and gave the rest of the veggies and sauce to Chee.
hommard - truffled lobster pot pie-1

I call my niece Erin, “my little gourmand”. She just turned 10 but she loves smoked salmon.
smoked salmon eggs benedict 12
smoked salmon eggs benedict $12

My cousin in law, Chee ordered a light omelette for lunch. He was smart to order something light because he knew he had to eat what anyone couldn’t finish. True enough he ate half of Erin’s smoked salmon eggs benedict and all the peas and sauce I left from my dish. He enjoyed sopping up the sauce with bread though.
asparagus & goat's cheese omelette 10
asparagus & goat’s cheese omelette $10

I found the chocolate torte too sweet and the chocolate wasn’t dark and rich enough for me. Erin happily ate my share.
le torte au chocolat 8
le torte au chocolat $8

Ending a meal with illy coffee is always a good thing.
Illy coffee
illy coffee

The French Hound brunch specials
brunch specials

The French Hound menu-1
The French Hound’s menu (click to enlarge)

The French Hound menu-2

The French Hound
101 N. Madison St, Middleburg, VA 20117, USA
telephone: (540) 687-3018

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