Holiday Shopping in New York CIty

Uniqlo NYC-1
It was Black Friday and I was in New York City. And there’s only one thing more I had to do before I call it a day, shopping!! After an early dinner at Eataly we took a cab straight to Uniqlo on 34th street.

My two cousins have never heard of Uniqlo because they live in Virginia so I introduced them to the wonders of one of my favorite Japanese stores in Hong Kong.

I was amazed at how big the 3 storey store was and it wasn’t even the biggest branch in New York. A branch in Hong Kong could easily fit on one level. There were also lots of stuff on sale.
Uniqlo NYC

We all stocked up on the Heattech line. Their under shirts really kept me warm while I was in the US.
Uniqlo NYC-3

Uniqlo NYC-4

Did you know that shopping for clothes and shoes in New York is tax free for any item that costs below $55? For items above $55 up to $110 only 4.375% sales tax will be charged. That’s why the clothes I bought in Uniqlo were much cheaper than in Hong Kong.

Another trivia: Uniqlo is finally opening a branch in Manila at the Mall of Asia in June 2012. Yehey!!!
Uniqlo NYC-2

Armed with heavy bags we went to Macy’s next for a quick browse.
Macy's NYC holidays

The holiday decor was really pretty.
Macy's NYC holidays-1

Macy’s window display was so extravagant and fancy. A lot of planning and work was done for each window which had a story of it’s own.
Macy's NYC holiday window display

Macy's NYC holiday window display-1

Macy's NYC holiday window display-2

Macy's NYC holiday window display-3

Macy's NYC holiday window display-4

Macy's NYC holiday window display-5

This window had an interactive video screen. Everything was really impressive!
Macy's NYC holiday window display-6

Macy's NYC holiday window display-7

Tired shoppers taking a much needed break outside Macy’s.
outside Macy's NYC-1

Pedicab anyone?
outside Macy's NYC

Whew that was a long and tiring day but I was really happy with my first day in New York City.

Here’s a last look of the beautifully lighted Empire State Building from our hotel room.
Empire State Building at night

31 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001

151 West 34th Street, New York, NY10001

3 thoughts on “Holiday Shopping in New York CIty

  1. Too bad due to my tight agenda unable to go shopping.  Get most of things done online which great.  Otherwise still am a Mall Chick when I am there. I still researching for my tv show on PBS and will travel to Asia to do some filming and love of course shopping.


  2. Hi Les!  I love Uniqlo too! I also bought my Heat Tech stuff in their HK store three weeks ago — happy to know they’re opening in Manila!  Yehey!!!


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