Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center

Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center-4
We were on a vacation so we had a slow start on our 2nd day in New York City. After having the free buffet breakfast at the Residence Inn we walked along 5th Avenue towards Rockefeller Center.

The weather was nice and cool and perfect for a leisurely stroll.
New York Public Library, 5th Avenue New York City
New York Public Library

5th Avenue New York City-1

I never knew that the Philippine Consulate in New York had such a swanky address.
Philippine Consulate General  5th Avenue New York City-2
Philippine Consulate General

Nice parols were their holiday decor.
Philippine Consulate General  5th Avenue New York City-3

Have you seen Benetton’s controversial ad? This was really huge.
Benetton Ad, NYC
Benetton Ad

The Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center was up when we were there last Nov. 27 although it wasn’t lighted up yet.
Rockefeller Center NYC

Rockefeller Center NYC-1

We were supposed to take a cab to Peter Luger for lunch but I wanted to stop by Bouchon Bakery first. My cousins didn’t even know it was there. They thought it was still Dean & Deluca. But I knew better since I always see it when I watch The Today Show in Manila.
Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center

After my first visit to Bouchon Bakery in Yountville I was lucky to have another chance to go to their other branch in New York City.

These peanut butter cups have been taunting me since Yountville. I was strong enough to resist. But once the DIET is over I’m going back for these babies.
Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center-1
peanut butter cup

Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center-2

They had numerous ready-to-go sandwiches that looked really good too.
Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center- sandwiches

We got one raspberry almond croissant and I tasted a little of it. I found that  the inclusion of raspberry preserves with almond paste made it too sweet. I prefer a plain almond croissant.
Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center-4
raspberry almond croissant

Naturally I bought my favorite scones, one savory and one seasonal. The savory scone contained smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and chives while the seasonal scone had candied walnuts, oats, cinnamon and honey butter. Both were delicious, crumbly, buttery and not dry. I liked the savory scone just a tad more.
Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center-5

Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center-6
puff tart

Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center-7
coffee cake

Sharon bought a brioche while Lanneth chose the almond brioche. I’m not really a fan of brioche but I was able to try the almond brioche and it was heavenly. It reminded me of a French toast crossed with a custard bread.
Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center-8

Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center-9

I had to practice extreme self control not to buy this double chocolate chunk cookie.
Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center-10
double chocolate chunk cookie

Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center-11

Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center-12
cranberry macarons

Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center-13
Bouchon Bakery menu

This is mine and Sharon’s stash. I chose the scones and the rest were hers. We had them for breakfast the next day and the rest for our road trip back to Virginia. We should have bought more!!!
Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center-14

Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center-16
cousin La and Erin

These are what La and Erin bought.
Bouchon Bakery's macarons

Bouchon Bakery pastries

Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center-17
Chee and cousin Sha with my nephew Ethan

We were too late to watch The Today Show.
NBC studio

I wonder if there was a celebrity in the super stretch limo.
NYC super stretch limo

NYC- NBC Observation Deck

NYC- La Maison Du Chocolat

I don’t know who this guy was but I took the picture since I don’t think I’ll ever see all these characters in one shot again.
NYC- Minnie, Elmo, Mickey and Woody
Minnie, Elmo, Mickey and Woody

Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center
One Rockefeller Center
New York, NY 10020

Open Monday-Friday, 7am to 7pm
Open Saturday-Sunday, 8am to 8pm

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