Lunch at Peter Luger Steak House

Peter Luger Steak House- dry aged prime beef
I’ve heard so much about Peter Luger Steak House over the years but I never had the desire to eat there since I wasn’t much of a steak eater.  It was only when I started my Cohen diet last year and was forced to eat more meat instead of my favorite carbs that I learned to enjoy steak. Now I actually like steak so I was pretty excited to eat at the famous Peter Luger in Brooklyn.

We arrived at 11:30 am and the restaurant wasn’t opened yet but there were already several people waiting to get in.
Peter Luger Steak House

Peter Luger Steak House-1

Peter Luger Steak House-2

Peter Luger Steak House-3

We met up with my cousins and aunt who were based in New York and New Jersey. Yes I have cousins all over the US.
Peter Luger Steak House-4

Peter Luger Steak House-5

Peter Luger Steak House-6

Since I can’t eat bread I played with them instead. The spoon messed up my food styling efforts.
Peter Luger Steak House-8

I loved the chunks of blue cheese that seemed bottomless.
Peter Luger Steak House- Luger's chopped salad
Luger’s chopped salad $14.95

To all Peter Luger fans please do not send me hate mail with what I’m about to say. For me the steak was just ok. I didn’t find anything special or fantabulous with it. I was expecting an explosion in my mouth since it was my first time to try dry aged beef but instead I found it quite bland and without much aroma.

I didn’t want to drown it in steak sauce to say it’s good. I was hoping the beef would stand on it’s own merit. It was good with blue cheese dressing and lots of crumbled blue cheese though.

Am I just an ignorant steak eater? To be honest I liked the steak at Mamou Too better. I must be wrong since there are legions of Peter Luger fans. But that’s how I feel.  All my other cousins liked it though.
Peter Luger Steak House- dry aged prime beef
dry aged prime beef for 4 $177.80

For our group of 8 adults and 4 kids we ordered only one huge steak supposedly good for four and supplemented it with lots of side dishes. We finished it all. The size of the steak dwarfed the iPhone.
Peter Luger Steak House- dry aged prime beef

Peter Luger Steak House-17

Peter Luger Steak House- steak sauce
steak sauce

Peter Luger Steak House- creamed spinach
creamed spinach $9.95

I almost caved in and ate the gorgeous fried potatoes but my willpower was strong.
Peter Luger Steak House- special German fired potatoes
special German fired potatoes $12.95

Since onions were a vegetable I ate the lightly battered crispy onion rings. I really liked eating them with the steak.
Peter Luger Steak House- onion rings
onion rings $9.95

My aunt Elizabeth preferred the cheeseburger and baked potato.
Peter Luger Steak House- cheeseburger

Peter Luger Steak House- baked potato
oversized baked potato $5.95

Peter Luger Steak House-18

Peter Luger Steak House-21

One of my nephew’s artwork.
Peter Luger Steak House-19

Peter Luger Steak House- gold chocolate coins

Peter Luger Steak House- Peter Luger Old Fashioned Steak Sauce bottle
Peter Luger Old Fashioned Steak Sauce bottle

Peter Luger Steak House-23

Peter Luger Steak House-24

Peter Luger menu
Peter Luger menu-1

Peter Luger dessert menu
dessert menu

Eating at Peter Luger was an experience. The waiter was an old timer who was a know-it-all and kinda scary. He dictated how much sides we should order and it was a good thing we listened to him. The servings were huge! The service was really quick and we finished our meal in an hour. They must have wanted us out fast to get more diners in our place.

Peter Luger Steak House
178 Broadway, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11211
telephone: (718) 387-7400

8 thoughts on “Lunch at Peter Luger Steak House

  1.  not a fan of steak either (havent had beef for 4 months na would you believe?! :)) but those fried potatoes and creamed spinach looks yummmeeh


  2. Hi Leslie, your diet must be working well you looked so much slimmer.  The blue outfit look great on you that your color.  The meal awesome could never finish such huge steak like that but love hash brown cooked so well and crispy.  


  3. The steak I had at Peter Luger in July 2009 was unforgettable. The only restaurant I specifically requested from my sister in NYC. We went there dinner.  Being a regular at Mamou in Serendra then, I was so looking forward to it.  To each his own, so don’t worry hahaha! Now if I’m craving for Peter Luger-style steak, I just go to Mamou. What makes Mamou probably better that Peter Luger’s? The steak rice! 🙂  But yes I agree that Peter Luger’s is an experience, a must for anyone who rarely visits NYC.


  4. that’s my dream steakhouse!!! i wasn’t able to try it last time , i was at nyc… huhuhu. i have heard so many great reviews about that resto. thanks so sharing . you really look wonderful


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