Chinatown Coffee

columbian finca of Intelligensia coffee
When I was in San Francisco there were specialty coffee shops and roasters everywhere. I didn’t even have time to try more than 4 shops. I didn’t think I’d find any independent coffee shop in DC but thanks to Yelp I found Chinatown Coffee.

Look who I found? My silly cousin Sharon works around the corner from Chinatown Coffee and she never knew it was there. She only bought coffee from Starbucks probably to match her umbrella. Well, now she has a new coffee place.
Chinatown Coffee, DC

Chinatown Coffee, DC-001

Chinatown Coffee, DC-002

Chinatown Coffee, DC-003

Here’s a simple explanation of the different brewing methods they offer.
Chinatown Coffee, DC-004

Chinatown Coffee's menu
Chinatown Coffee’s menu

I bought a cup of their coffee which was Intelligensia Coffee’s  Columbia, Finca El Trapiche.
drip coffee
drip coffee

cupcakes and granola
cupcakes and granola

You probably guess that I couldn’t resist these cookies. Well you are right!
chocolate chip with walnuts cookies $2
chocolate chip with walnuts cookies $2

Chinatown Coffee doesn’t roast their own coffee beans instead they use coffee from the most popular roasters around the country. You can try any of these blends with your choice of brewing method – hand pour or French press
Chinatown Coffee's Brew Bar menu
Brew Bar menu

Chinatown Coffee, DC-010
drip filters or Chemex coffee maker with a Cova filter

They also sell these blends by the bag. Now I know what to ask Sha to bring home for me the next time she comes home to Manila.
Chinatown Coffee's coffee menu
coffee bean menu

Chinatown Coffee, DC-012

Chinatown Coffee, DC-013

Tea drinkers have a lot of choices too.
Chinatown Coffee tea menu
tea menu

Chinatown Coffee, DC-015

Chinatown Coffee, DC-016

I regret not buying any one of these Taza Chocolate Mexicano. I wonder what Mexican chocolates taste like as opposed to the ones I’m used to.
Taza Chocolate Mexicano
Taza Chocolate Mexicano

My coffee, Colombia, Finca El Trapiche was described as “incredibly balanced with a soft acidity alongside a creamy round mouthfeel. Notes of blanched almonds, nougat and cherry make way for a nutmeg and cinnamon finish.”

Coffee descriptions now seem as complicated as wine tastings. I’m no coffee expert but I agree on the mild acidity. The coffee had a mild to medium roast and it wasn’t as bold as I like my coffee. It was mild yet had a complex flavor. I loved how the taste of the coffee lingered in my mouth for more than an hour after.

I was disappointed with the small cookie that cost $2. Nothing special about it and it was bit hard although it had lots of walnuts which was the only positive thing about it.
drip coffee & chocolate chip cookie
drip coffee & chocolate chip cookie

In exchange for sharing my table the guy allowed me to take a picture of his drink called a cortado which was an espresso cut with a little milk. The cortado is a popular drink in Spain.

I’m calling out to all Filipino businessmen and entrepreneurs. Enough milk tea! Please open small coffee shops like this that sell freshly roasted coffee beans and offer different brewing methods. It’s been proven that Filipinos are willing to pay P80 and more for milk tea or coffee drink. Please bring us more choices and better quality coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee!!!! If you build it, they will come. Well I definitely will.

Chinatown Coffee
475 H Street Northwest Washington, DC 20001
telephone: (202) 559-7656

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