Coffee in Hong Kong

Starbucks Hong Kong
More coffee love from Hong Kong!! All these shots save for 1 were taken with my iPhone 4S’ camera. I didn’t want to lug around my camera while shopping so using the iPhone was just perfect when I felt like having coffee in the middle of the day.

One day I didn’t feel like eating ‘real lunch’ so I went to the Starbucks at iSquare mall for a cup of Komodo Dragon brewed coffee and a beef curry pie. The pie was just ok. I think the food choices in Manila’s Starbucks is so much better and varied.
Starbucks Hong Kong-001
 beef curry pie

Isn’t their coppery mirrored ceiling awesome?
Starbucks Hong Kong-002

Look who else is enjoying Starbucks?
Starbucks Hong Kong-003

I normally drink hot coffee but when the weather outside is hot I want my coffee ice cold and Pokka Cafe is where to get it. We don’t have this brand in Manila but it’s another popular Japanese coffee chain that also serves pretty good food.
Pokka Coffee - Hokkaido Coffee Rocky
Pokka Coffee – Hokkaido Coffee Rocky HK$47

It was strong and I added a splash of their heavenly cream.
Pokka Coffee - Hokkaido Coffee Rocky-001

The best thing about this iced coffee is the coffee cubes they use. This way the coffee doesn’t get diluted and another bonus is you can keep adding cream and drinking good iced coffee.
Pokka Coffee - Hokkaido Coffee Rocky-002

I’ve also tried Pokka’s hot coffee. Pretty cup eh?
Pokka special blend  coffee
Pokka special blend coffee

Back to iSquare is another Japanese coffee chain called Cafe Key West.
Cafe Key West Sumiyaki Coffee
Cafe Key West Sumiyaki Coffee HK$38

They use Key coffee which you can find in Manila’s Yumemiya Japanese Cafe. I liked their presentation too.
Cafe Key West Sumiyaki coffee

I have yet to try the this Italian store in Elements Mall called Caffe’ 1882 but I’ve tried their Caffe Vergano 1182 espresso in Eataly in New York.
Cafe 1882

I don’t know the origins of Cowboy Seven but I thought I’d give it a try when I was at The One mall. By the way that mall had so many coffee shops.
Cowboy Seven coffee
Cowboy Seven coffee

It was relatively cheaper at HK$24 but nothing really special for me to go back a second time.
Cowboy Seven coffee-001

I still prefer my faithful standby, uber cheap and strong coffee at Cafe de Coral. I took this picture at their branch at Harbour City around 3:00 pm. While everyone around me was slurping noodle soup or eating chicken wings for their afternoon tea I was drinking my HK$8 coffee. Yuuummm.
Cafe de Coral coffee
Cafe de Coral coffee

I have to confess. I’m not a big coffee spender. I just like trying different coffee. Most days (if not almost everyday) you will find me at HSBC Premiere Centers where I get free coffee.

All their branches have different brands of super automatic coffee machines like Jura, Saeco and Tiger. Each machine made different tasting coffee. I usually get double espresso shots topped with a cappuccino. I found the best tasting coffee at their Carnarvon branch in TST.
HSBC Premiere HK coffee
HSBC Premiere HK coffee

If you like buying coffee making parapharnelia like me I found the place which had the most Hario products which are mostly used in the coffee shops in the USA. All these are available at AEON MaxValu Prime supermarket at the LG2 of The One mall.

Hario drippers in Hong Kong-002
Hario drippers

Hario drippers in Hong Kong
Hario V60 plastic dripper $299

Hario drippers in Hong Kong-001
Hario V60 Coffee Server HK$135

They also have siphons, French press, moka pots and electric moka pots.
coffee makers in Hong Kong - The One mall
coffee makers

I’ve been eyeing that Hario Buono kettle below but at HK$499 it’s too expensive for an ordinary kettle with the perfect spout for pouring water into a drip coffee filter. I’ll stick to my French press for now.
coffee makers in Hong Kong - The One mall-001

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  1. Hi leslie! Your HK posts makes me jealous! Haaay! I just noticed that you frequent malls along or around nathan road area.. I like that area too.. Food and shopping mecca for me.. Where do you usually stay? What hotel around that area? Thanks!


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