The Old Kano’s Farm and Ilog Maria

The Old Kano's farm
I seldom go to Tagaytay and when I do there are so many places I want to go to. After our lunch at Antonio’s we went to Bag of Beans for my haul of beef and mushroom pies.

Next stop was The Old Kano’s Farm so I can buy organic lettuce and whatever else veggies they have. The farm was only 3 km. from Tagaytay City right on Emilio Aguinaldo highway.
The Old Kano'sfarm -001

Here’s some information from their Facebook page: (I edited it slightly for punctuation and other errors.)

Located at agricultural province of Silang Cavite, the property were acquired by the couple Mrs. Julieta and Mr. Fred Ammann,  in the year 1982, with a total lot area of 12,747 square meter, the original plan of the couple on their property is continue the business they started way-back on their last place at Caloocan City, which are producing and selling some live animal namely rabbits, turkey and other farm animals to some business establishment in Manila, by that time the property were not known by it present name and during those years Mr. Fred Ammann started to sow some plot dill , a kind of herbs that is exotic to the Philippines, it was a plain hobby of Fred but because of good location of the place, just few minutes to tourist destination town of Tagaytay City, and alongside of Aguinaldo Highway, a visitor to the farm by the name of Werner Berger of Santis noticed the bed of dill and bought some and ask how many he could grow and on a further visit Mr. Berger introduced Fred to head Chef of the Manila Peninsula Mr. Alfred Moser, who did not only order at least 30 kgs of dill every week  but ask what else can he grow. Fred gave a seed catalog to Chef Moser and let him choose what he want from that chance meeting the thought of rabbits and others were abandoned and the Old Kano’s Farm came into existence producing not only a single variety of herbs but it multiply to 18 varietys and extended the production in producing salad crops, edible flowers and some exotic vegetables produced exclusively at the farm.

The Old Kano’s Farm is the pioneer on producing organic products in the region among the list of the products produced at the farm are the salad crops namely the green ice, romaine, lolo rosa, red lettuces, tatsoi, mizuna, cucumber, New Zealand spinach, baby carrots, endive, french beans, kohlrabi, red radish, cherry tomatoes, turnips tokyo, and stripped eggplant among the 18 variety of herbs are purple basil, sweet basil, cilantro, dill, marjoram, mint, Italian oregano, Italian parsley, arugula, rosemary ,sage, sorrel, Mexican tarragon, thyme, Thai pepper, habanero pepper and cayenne.
The Old Kano's farm -002

I was happy to see curly endive or frisee which I’ve never seen in supermarkets. I was able to buy only a couple of bags because all were reserved by a restaurant.
The Old Kano's farm - curly endive or frisee

The fennel bulb was really small compared to the ones in the US.
The Old Kano's farm- fennel fronds

We all bought several bags of lettuce for P120 per kilo. I also bought a big bag of rosemary for P100. The best time to go there is on Monday and Thursday when they harvest the vegetables.

By the way the owners are selling Old Kano’s Farm. Check out the contact details below.
The Old Kano's farm -005

Just a few meters from Old Kano’s Farm on the opposite side of the road was Ilog Maria.
Ilog Maria

Ilog Maria-001

I wanted Ariel to try their all natural handmade soaps.
Ilog Maria-002

I’m also a fan of their virgin honey and honey cider vinegar good for cooking or drinking as a natural cure for many things.
Ilog Maria-003

I like their healing massage oil but use it sparingly since a small 100ml bottle cost P155. Another good product is their honey and propolis throat spray perfect when you have a sore throat or cough.
Ilog Maria-004

You don’t need to all the way to Tagaytay to buy these excellent products. I’ve ordered from their online store a number of times and the delivery is very quick.
Ilog Maria-005

The Old Kano’s Farm (to visit or for interested buyers)
telephone: (046) 414-0960 look for Edwin or  Juliet Amman (farm owner)
cellphone: 0918-935-4733

Ilog Maria (map)
It is 700 meters east of our sign along Aguinaldo Highway. Our sign is at Km 47; 5 kms. down the highway from Gourmet Café, on the right. Or, about 2 kms. up from the town of Silang going to Tagaytay, on the left.
open 6 days a week from 800 am to 500 pm, Tuesdays to Sundays

3 thoughts on “The Old Kano’s Farm and Ilog Maria

  1. My group just came from Ilog Maria and we were really dismayed at how they displayed their products… direct sunlight and heat. What was more flabbergasting was the fact that their product literature specifically states for Storage : OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT and HEAT.When we called the Shop girl’s attention to the fact that their products were displayed in DIRECT SUNLIGHT and HEAT, she did not pay attention to our admonitions. Since our counsel was ignored, I decided to write my comments on Ilog Maria’s site. However, the reply of Mr. Joel Magsaysay was “Product replacement and turn over is always done every half of the day.” I think that that is most incongruous to their Storage Instructions.Then today I used their massage oil. Oh my!!! The floral scent was just way too overpowering. I started sneezing and sniffling. I told my masseuse to stop using the Ilog Maria Massage Oil and we resorted to using the Spa’s regular oil.I bought a variety of products amounting to almost PhP3K. I haven’t taken any product that needs to be taken orally because of fear that their products may have broken down and its efficacy may have been compromised because of being subjected to direct sunlight and heat.


  2. The store is around a bunch of trees with overhangs. Search the internet for store photos & you wont find any store item exposed to direct sunlight. Your stupid comment is more like a jealous rant.


  3. EDR Lim, if you saw that the products were in direct sunlight (which you said was against storage instructions), then why did you buy them?


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