Sunday Lunch at Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant

Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant-017
I seldom go all the way to Roxas Boulevard just to eat but since it was a Sunday traffic was very light so it was a quick and easy drive to get to Manila Diamond Hotel where we had lunch with a big group of friends at Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant.

This was my first time to eat at this restaurant.
Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant

Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant-001

Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant-003

I loved the bright and large open space the restaurant occupied. It felt like eating in a garden but with air-conditioning.
Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant-002

Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant-004

Almost everyone in our table ordered a set lunch but I didn’t want soup, rice and the other extras that came in the set so I ordered a la carte. I started with uni which is a new favorite of mine. It was quite a generous serving and I found it quite fresh and briny. A generous squeeze of calamansi was all it needed.
Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant- uni
uni (fresh sea urchin)

My main course was this small black cod fillet. It was well cooked but the sauce was just satisfactory.
Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant- gindara teriyaki
gindara teriyaki

I had some teppanyaki veggies on the side. It had lots of fresh mushroom which I liked but I tasted margarine which I didn’t like. I should have told them to just use a little oil.
Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant - teppanyaki vegetables
teppanyaki vegetables

The thick menu had so many different sets for all kinds of appetites. Whether you’re really hungry or you want something lighter there’s a set for you. This is what the others on our long table ordered. Sets cost from P750 to P3,200.
Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant-008

Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant-009

Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant-010

Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant-011

Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant-013

Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant-012

Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant-014

Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant-017

Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant-018

Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant-019

The kids ordered the tempura udon set and chicken teriyaki set.
Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant-015

Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant-016

Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant- mango ice cream

Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant- strawberry ice cream on fresh mango

We were able to order Japanese Subimi coffee from their Kohikan coffee shop just outside the Japanese restaurant. They had their own menu of coffee concoctions and dessert. I liked the mild charcoal-roasted coffee so much I had two cups!
Kohikan Subimi coffee P160
Kohikan Subimi coffee P160

We tried two cakes from Kohikan as suggested by our server. It was all about the thick, rich and dark icing with the Chocolate Gateau cake. A little bite went a long way to satisfy my chocolate craving.
Kohikan's chocolate gateau P240
chocolate gateau P240

The baked cheesecake was not bad either. It was in between a light Japanese cheesecake and a dense NY style cheesecake.
Kohikan's baked cheesecake P240
baked cheesecake P240

Kohikan at the Diamond
Kohikan at the Diamond

Kohikan at the Diamond-001

Kohikan at the Diamond-002

Kohikan at the Diamond-003

Kohikan at the Diamond-004

Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant’s menu
Kohikan at the Diamond’s menu

Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant
Diamond Hotel Philippines
Roxas Boulevard cor. Dr. J. Quintos St., Manila, Philippines 1000
telephone: (632) 528-3000

2 thoughts on “Sunday Lunch at Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant

  1. Wow, those sets look tempting! I still haven’t tried Yurakuen but I have a scheduled dinner a few weeks from now. Hope I’ll like their food offerings too.


  2. Wow!  I’m so impressed.  The restaurant is beautiful!  I hope the chicken teriyaki was broiled over charcoal.  It’s so much better when it’s cooked over hot coals.  I will definitely try this restaurant on my next trip to the Philippines.  Love your blog!I’m a new fan.   


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