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Dragonfly Desserts - chocolate pistachio crisps
The key to a successful diet is not to buy any junk food or sweets so there won’t be any temptation around you. This is so hard to do since I’m in the supermarket at least once a week for my food business.

But when I received an email from a dessert company I’ve read about and have been wanting to try offers to send me free dessert,  I just closed my eyes and pray that I don’t get sent my favorites and clicked send with my big YES.
Dragonfly Desserts-001

I didn’t know what Cheryl, the owner of Dragonfly Desserts was going to send me but I ordered a box of hearty chicken pie from her. This I paid for since I love chicken pie more than anything. I can eat chicken pie or empanada every single day and I’m always on the look out for good ones.

Upon opening the pretty box I was initially wary when I saw the pale and color of the crust.
Dragonfly Desserts- hearty chicken pie
hearty chicken pie P60 per piece / 3 pcs. P180 / 5 pcs. P295

After heating it up in the toaster oven the crust turned into a nice golden brown. I was expecting a traditional pie crust and was so delighted to bite into a buttery and flaky crust that was close to the texture and flavor of puff pastry. I’ve tried so many chicken pies with boring crusts that I don’t bother to eat. This pie crust I adored and I ate every last crumb.

The filling had small pieces of chicken carrots and potatoes. I wish there were less potatoes though. The filling lacked flavor but a dash of salt and togarashi (Japanese chili pepper) and it was yummy. I suggest a touch of fresh tarragon or thyme could give the pie extra flavor dimension. The highlight of this pie was the definitely the crust.

I had a pie for lunch three consecutive days. Told you I love chicken pie.
Dragonfly Desserts- hearty chicken pie-001

Unfortunately my prayer didn’t come true. It seems Cheryl reads my blog and knows all my weaknesses and hit me where it hurts by sending me apple pie and cookies among others. Although after looking at her menu there is very little that she could have sent me that I wouldn’t have eaten in a snap. Doomed. Double doomed.
Dragonfly Desserts- apple cheese tart

My regular reader know my favorite apple pie is from Sugarhouse and nothing has come close to that yet. Cheryl’s version of the apple pie is a tart made with flaky cheese crust, apple parmesan filling and topped with walnut-cheese crumble. There’s cheese in every part of the tart!!
Dragonfly Desserts- apple cheese tart-001
apple cheese tart 4″-P145 / 6″-P325 / 8″-P645

My first bite of the apple tart made me feel happy. Maybe it’s because I ate it right after a particularly hard and tiring workout at the gym? If there was a more deserving reward for my aching body then this apple tart was it.

The apples were not mushy nor were they also crisp. It was just in between.  The cheese flavor was very subtle. You know it’s there but it didn’t overwhelm the apples. I loved the nutty topping most of all.  It gave the best contrast and texture to the apple filling. I wasn’t too happy with the soft crust. That I didn’t eat. I wish it were as sturdy and flavorful as Sugarhouse’s almost shortbread like crust.

Overall I was quite happy with the apple cheese tart. So far from all the apple pies that I’ve tried in Manila I put this in the number two spot right after Sugarhouse’s apple pie.
Dragonfly Desserts- apple cheese tart-002

The next dessert Cheryl sent me was called the Intramuros. It was a dark and white chocolate mousse on a fudgy chocolate base.
Dragonfly Desserts- Intramuros
Intramuros 3″-P135 / 6″-P525 / 8″-P1,045

If you liked Red Ribbon’s chocolate mousse cake then this will blow you away. This is the gourmet and grown up version. The base was really very chocolatey and it was balanced with a milder, even flavor chocolate and vanilla mousse. This is what you bring to a potluck. It’s a sure crowd pleaser.
Dragonfly Desserts- Intramuros -001

I literally shot and ate a little of each dessert a day. It took me a week to try all these goodies. Believe me self control was hard.

I shared the desserts above. The cookies were all mine. These ultra thin chocolate cookies reminded me of lengua de gate. These were even thinner and so delicate. I transferred the stack of cookies to the plate and a few pieces broke straight into my mouth. I don’t know how Cheryl made these perfectly round and thin.

The cookies were super crispy and chocolatey and the topping of pistachio bits was just enough to make it super decadent. I confess to eating the whole stack in one seating. My bad. Cookies good.
Dragonfly Desserts - chocolate pistachio crisps-001
chocolate pistachio crisps 12 pcs P155 / 18 pcs P215

Cheryl also sent me 3 kinds of cookies – Maracaibo, black and white and oatmeal cranberry walnut.

Since I’m a big fan of dark chocolate I tried the Maracaibo cookie first.  The chewy butterscotch cookie had Felchlin Maracaibo 65% bittersweet chocolate coins in them. All the cookies had the same chewy almost cake like texture that were so buttery I could smell the butter and vanilla on my fingers long after the cookies were gone. When I ate the cookie after 3 days (yes it lasted that long) it tasted even better because the exterior became a little more crisp and the inside became chewier. I liked the dark chocolate very much. The cookie was just perfect with my espresso.
Dragonfly Desserts- Maracaibo cookie
Maracaibo cookie 6 pcs P265 / 10 pcs P425

Shockingly my favorite cookie turned out to be the non-chocolate cookie. The cake like consistency worked best with the rolled oats, walnuts and cranberry. The ingredients were really generous and there was walnuts or dried cranberries in every bite. It was like a mini granola snack in a cookie. Satisfying and filling.

As I write this blog a week from receiving the samples I am left with one black and white cookie (I got 2 of each kind) which I will eat with joy and sadness right after I publish this post.
Dragonfly Desserts- oatmeal cranberry walnut cookie
oatmeal cranberry walnut cookie 6 pcs P195 / 10 pcs P325

It is evident in all the products I tried that Dragonfly Desserts uses top quality ingredients and don’t scrimp on them. Try any of the numerous tempting goodies from their menu and let me know if you enjoyed them as much as I did. Thanks Cheryl!!! My personal trainer is not happy with you though. 😀
Dragonfly Desserts menu
Dragonfly Desserts menu (click to enlarge)

Dragonfly Desserts
G/F SM Mall of Asia North Bldg, Pasay City, Philippines
telephone: 624-6459
cellphone: 0917-8231123

New Manila (Commissary)
telephone: 415-8003
cellphone: 0917-8780001


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  1. Yum!!! I’m such a sucker for sweets and I also love cookies! Everything looks so good but the extra thin crisp cookies really caught my eye. I know it’s pretty far off but they allure me like how belgian lace cookies do. Mmm… Btw, I love your food styling, too. Idol! :DBabe for Food – your BFF in Cebu dining! :)babeforfood.blogspot.com


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