Happy Mother’s Day from Bizu

Bizu's Paris Brest-002
I am happy. My mom is happy. Look what Bizu sent my mom yesterday for Mother’s Day!

Bizu's Paris Brest

Inside the beautiful box is a luscious dessert called Paris-Brest which in essence is a big cream puff filled with cream and fresh raspberries.
Bizu's Paris Brest-001

To give you an idea of the size I took this picture beside my iPhone. It’s good enough for 4-5 people to share.
Bizu's Paris Brest-003

The first bite surprised me with the bright flavor of lychee and the subtle hint of rose. There was also crunch from the nuts. The choux pastry was light and chewy. Surprisingly the all the lychee, rose and raspberries meshed together for a very tropical flavor. It was a pleasure to eat. I am happy. My mom is happy. Happy Mothers Day to my mom and all my mommy readers! Thanks Bizu!!!
Bizu's Paris Brest-004

Celebration of Mothers Day at Bizu

Bizu has always lived by its philosophy of Joie de vivre or the ‘Joy of Being Alive’ by making sure that guests get a chance to celebrate their grandest and most intimate affairs with their artful and decadent pastries and mouth-watering delicacies.

This coming Second Sunday of May (May 13, 2012) is one of the biggest celebrations we have, a tradition that is celebrated all over the world. It is a single day that is dedicated to Mothers hence Mother’s day.

Mom, Mama or Ma, as we call her, is the very breathe of our existence. Their presence and guidance in our lives has molded us to who we are today. She is our hero, our role model and our inspiration. And for this special day, Bizu launches a classic French pastry called Paris-Brest, a dessert that is filled with inspiration and the very best and freshest of ingredients. It is layered with white chocolate, croquantine with rose cream, lychee segments and fresh raspberries in between almond Pâte à Choux pastry.

Guests who avail of this dessert and any Grande size cake from Bizu (Dine-in and Take out) will receive a special mothers day gift package. Included in the package are items from Mario Badescu’s skin care line, Lancome’s facial products, Leg Love leggings and Good housekeeping tote bags that surely make mother’s day even more special.
Merchandise Picture

Bizu Logo
Bizu branches and telephone numbers:
Greenbelt 2 – 757-2498
Greenhills Promenade – 724-2498
Alabang Town Center – 809-2498
St. Lukes BGC – 789-7700
Glorietta 4 – 757-2086

For inquiries, email: bizumarketing@gmail.com 
Twitter: BizuPh

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