Cebu City Marriott Hotel

Mactan-Cebu International Airport
I wonder why I don’t go to Cebu more often since it was only an hour’s flight from Manila. My round trip plane ticket on PAL cost only P2,500. I think I should travel around the Philippines more.

My friend Tes goes to Cebu regularly to visit her brother. Her first tip to visitors to Cebu is upon exiting the airport,  go across and up to departure area and take the taxi from there. It’s cheaper! Take the white taxi which has a flag down rate of  P40. Our cab ride to the Marriott Hotel cost P200.  If you take the yellow taxis outside the arrival area the flag down rate is  P65-70.

Actually this taxi tip works for Manila’s Naia airport too. The taxi cabs from the departure area are much cheaper. I recently had to take the taxi from Naia airport to Greenhills, San Juan and paid only P150 since it was early in the morning and there was hardly any traffic. If I took the yellow taxi it would cost 30% more.

Check out the unique sitting area at the Mactan-Cebu International airport.
Mactan-Cebu International Airport

Cebu City Marriott Hotel-017
Cebu City Marriott Hotel

Tes insisted we stay at Marriott Hotel since it was conveniently located right next to Ayala Center. And I’m so, so glad we did.
Cebu City Marriott Hotel

Cebu City Marriott Hotel-001

Such hospitality!!
Cebu City Marriott Hotel-003

Cebu City Marriott Hotel-002

Cebu City Marriott Hotel-004

We had really comfy double beds. There was even a lounge chair in the room which I never got to sit on.
Cebu City Marriott Hotel-005

Here’s my roomie, Tes, posing for my blog.
Cebu City Marriott Hotel-007

Cebu City Marriott Hotel-006

The bathroom was a decent size and very clean.
Cebu City Marriott Hotel-008

I always take pictures of the hotel’s toiletries since I myself research the toiletries of the hotels I will stay in so I will know if I have to bring my own stuff or not. I like hotels that offer L’Occitane toiletries.
Cebu City Marriott Hotel-010

Rain shower heads seem to be the norm in hotels nowadays.
Cebu City Marriott Hotel-009

This is the view of Ayala Center from our room.
Cebu City Marriott Hotel-011

The Garden Cafe is where you have breakfast and buffet meals all throughout the day. Tes and I didn’t get breakfast with our room but our friends Eric and Rizette did. We joined them on our last day and sneaked a taste of the chicken tocino and longganisa. Both were so good!!
Cebu City Marriott Hotel-012
Garden Cafe

The pool wasn’t big but I loved the lounge chairs. There’s a single and a double size.
Cebu City Marriott Hotel-013

Cebu City Marriott Hotel-014

Barbecue by the pool
Fifteen minutes after we checked in we went to Ayala Center via this walkway from the hotel. A short five minute walk and we were in the middle of the mall. 

Cebu City Marriott Hotel-015

It looked like your typical Ayala mall, open and green. Beautiful!!!
Ayala Center Cebu

Cebu City Marriott Hotel-016
Tes, me, Eric and Rizette

Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Cardinal Rosales Avenue · Cebu City, 6000 Philippines
telephone: 63-32-4115800
sales: 63-32-4115800 ext. 8026

One thought on “Cebu City Marriott Hotel

  1. Marriott, always where I stay whenever I’m in Cebu. Pass through the back door and you’re at Ayala Center.


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