Cafe Gray Deluxe @ Upper House, Hong Kong

Cafe Gray Deluxe @ Upper House-003
It’s unbelievable but after all those scones and cookies at our afternoon tea at JW Marriott we went to have coffee at Upper House, a luxury hotel  which was in the next building. Tisay really wanted to show me the hotel’s coffee shop. I’ve seen pictures of Upper House and I really wanted to see it too.

The first picture was the elegant entrance to Cafe Gray Deluxe which was on the 49th floor of the hotel.
Cafe Gray Deluxe @ Upper House-004

It was around 5:00 pm and there were still lots of diners enjoying afternoon tea.
Cafe Gray Deluxe @ Upper House-005

Cafe Gray Deluxe @ Upper House-006

Cafe Gray Deluxe @ Upper House-007

Cafe Gray Deluxe @ Upper House-008

Here’s their afternoon tea menu. I would like to try it one of these days since it’s not as overwhelming as our buffet.
Cafe Gray Deluxe @ Upper House- afternoon tea menu

We were there for drinks only so this menu was what we concentrated on.
Cafe Gray Deluxe @ Upper House- coffee, tea & juice menu

I ordered the Valrhona hot chocolate which was pricey at HK$65. When I took a sip I was flabbergasted at how awful it was. It tasted like milk with a teaspoon of cocoa powder. There was barely any chocolate taste. I requested the waiter if I could change it since it didn’t taste like hot chocolate and I was relieved he agreed. I hope this was just a fluke. How on earth can they serve something so bland like this. Valrhona should get mad.
Valrhona hot chocolate HK$65
Valrhona hot chocolate HK$65

At least the coffee was strong and soothing against the chilly weather. Ahhh… good coffee solves everything even a too full tummy.
coffee HK$50
coffee HK$50

Cute sugar cubes.
La Perruche sugar cubes

Naturally we had to check out the restroom.
Cafe Gray Deluxe @ Upper House-010

They made good use of the corner view by putting the nice lavatory there.
Cafe Gray Deluxe @ Upper House-011

Cafe Gray Deluxe @ Upper House-014

Cafe Gray Deluxe @ Upper House-012

A nice touch were the small vanities for women who want to touch up their makeup.
Cafe Gray Deluxe @ Upper House-013

Another view of the entrance with the lights on. Really dramatic!
Cafe Gray Deluxe @ Upper House-016

Cafe Gray Deluxe @ Upper House-015

I wish I got to see the hotel rooms too.
Cafe Gray Deluxe @ Upper House-017

At the main entrance of Upper House I spied this neat vertical fireplace.
Cafe Gray Deluxe @ Upper House-018

Cafe Gray Deluxe
Upper House
Hong Kong Pacific Place, 88 Queensway
telephone: +852 3968-1106

Cafe Gray website
Upper House website

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