Empire City Roasted Duck

deep fried duck meat with salt HK$78-001
In Hong Kong there are more restaurants than you have days and stomachs to try them all. There are cuisines from around the world but naturally as a tourist you’d want to eat Chinese food. Filipinos have a penchant for Peking duck and I’ve discovered a restaurant in K11 mall that specializes in duck.

As much as we wanted to order the Peking duck there was no way two people could conquer even half a duck that’s why we settled with my next favorite duck dish pictured above.

These two huge pictures outside the restaurant gave us an idea what kind of food and prices the restaurant had.
Empire CIty Roasted Duck-004

Empire CIty Roasted Duck-003

Empire CIty Roasted Duck

Empire CIty Roasted Duck-001

Flinstones meets glam?
Empire CIty Roasted Duck-002

This tasting menu for two is quite reasonable since it included Peking duck.
Empire CIty Roasted Duck-005

This restaurant had Shanghai cuisine influences like the two cold appetizers we ordered. Cured ham topped with a savory aspic was quite nice. I usually don’t like aspic (savory gelatin) but this was quite delicious.
crystal pork cold cut HK$50
crystal pork cold cut HK$50

The shrimp was marinated in a vinegar mixture which was very refreshing specially when eaten with the cold slices of cucumber.
marinated shrimp with peony HK$58
marinated shrimp with peony HK$58

Frankly the duck meat lacked salt. The food as a whole was on the bland side which wasn’t a bad thing. It’s better to add salt to taste than start with food that’s too salty. It was the first time I asked for salt in a Chinese restaurant. After a few dashes of salt the fried duck meat was quite yummy. I specially loved the inclusion of fried sweet potato wedges.
deep fried duck meat with salt HK$78
deep fried duck meat with salt HK$78

I’ve been abstaining from carbs (sweets not included) so these ‘noodles’ made from bean curd sheet were an absolute delight. They’re my kind of noodles. The stock had a rich flavor from the Chinese ham and together with the veggies it was a complete meal in a dish.
beancurd sheet bun with Chinese ham HK$68
bean curd sheet bun with Chinese ham HK$68

If you like eel then this dish is quite a good deal (wow rhyming!). A bowl of noodle soup comes with a plate of thinly sliced eel sautéed with lots of crunchy bean sprouts.
noodle in soup with sliced eel HK$50
noodle in soup with sliced eel HK$50

The fried dumplings were incredibly juicy. It reminded me of xiao long bao. This is how good fried dumplings should look like, firm golden brown crusty bottom and well steamed soft body.
pan fried pork dumplings HK$38
pan fried pork dumplings HK$38

Overall the food was quite satisfactory. I definitely will go back to try their Peking duck to see how it fares against my favorite from Peking Garden. Besides they had a LOT more dishes I want to try from their extensive menu.


Empire City Roasted Duck
Shop 221, Level 2, K11 Art Mall, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
telephone: (852)2628-0662

2 thoughts on “Empire City Roasted Duck

  1. Leslie, most restaurants now days try not put too much salt in food due some customers taste. They salt food themselves is right thing to do.  My relatives on other hand are salt addict said my cooking bland.  Mom can’t handle too salt like to season own dish instead due health reason.   


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