Le Chef at The Manor, Baguio City

You may wonder what we did in Baguio last February? We skipped all the usual tourist attractions like Burnham Park, Wright Park even the market since our vehicles didn’t have enough space for all the veggies we wanted to buy. We did go to Mines View not see the St. Bernard or the views butContinue reading “Le Chef at The Manor, Baguio City”

Melbourne: The Moat Bar and Cafe

My first meal in Melbourne was also one of the best during my entire trip. The Moat was located underneath the State Library of Victoria. I like the paint job on the walls. We met up with Deb’s pretty mini-me, Sam, who’s studying in Melbourne. me and Sam Terrace Edge Riesling Smokey, salty and butteryContinue reading “Melbourne: The Moat Bar and Cafe”

Dinner at Rizette’s House

Our group had a mini get together following our trip to Cebu all because of this bbq ribs. Rizette told us she brought home several slabs of Tony Roma’s cooked ribs from the US. She bought them frozen from Costco and just baked them. She said it was the best and we dared her toContinue reading “Dinner at Rizette’s House”

Herb’s Best Healthy Pantry

A few months ago I received an email from Herb’s Best International founder Fannie Guanzon inviting me to dinner at her home.This is Fannie, my gracious and beautiful host for dinner.Herb’s Best Fannie Guanzon Founded in 2004 by Ms. Fannie Guanzon, it started out by partnering with a poor farming community in Nueva Vizcaya (aContinue reading “Herb’s Best Healthy Pantry”

Dieting while on vacation

I’ve received a few emails from some Cohen dieters who are going to the USA for a vacation and asking how I managed my diet. Here are some of my tips for all those who are traveling and are on a diet.In the US fast foods get a big flack for serving fattening and unhealthyContinue reading “Dieting while on vacation”

Healthy Lunch at Lemonade

My cousin-in-law Mary knows all the best places to eat at in Los Angeles. She also knew I was on a diet and was interested in healthier options. In spite of my cousin Sidney’s objection we went to Lemonade in Brentwood.I’ve never been to Brentwood before and it looked like a very charming place toContinue reading “Healthy Lunch at Lemonade”

Dinner at Umami Burger

Goodbye Virginia, hello Los Angeles!!! I arrived at night just in time for dinner and the start of a totally different dining experience. Welcome to land of stars and showbiz. Too bad I didn’t see any celebrities during my short stay. My cousin picked me up from the airport and gave me a choice whereContinue reading “Dinner at Umami Burger”