Real Coffee, Boracay

Who hasn’t heard of Real Coffee’s famous calamansi muffin? Blog after blog have written about this ‘not to be missed’ treat. So after our lunch at Mañana Mexican Cuisine we went in search of some coffee and dessert.

Real Coffee was located at the end of a small alley. It wasn’t hard to find since there were signs everywhere.
Real Coffee Boracay

Real Coffee Boracay

Real Coffee Boracay

The kitchen looked just like a home kitchen.
Real Coffee

This is Mamma Lee who together with her daughter Nadine run Real Coffee.
Mama Lee of Real Coffee

Admittedly I’m a coffee snob. I’ve seen how drip coffee is meticulously made in Third Wave coffee shops in San Francisco so I was cringing a bit when I saw hot water from an airpot being poured into a drip coffee maker while being vigorously stirred.
drip coffee

I ordered real coffee which was a shot of espresso added to brewed coffee. They used a moka pot to make the espresso.
moka pot

Since it was so hot I couldn’t bear to drink hot coffee so I ordered my Real Coffee iced. It was just ok. It wasn’t strong enough for me despite the shot of espresso. Since it was iced the brewed coffee had to be stronger too but it was just regular strength. Nevertheless it was a pleasant relief from the heat.

I love peanut butter and it’s rare that I see peanut butter brownies in Manila that’s why when I saw it on the counter I immediately ordered one. The brownie had a good and yummy peanut butter layer which I loved. I just wish the chocolate part was fudgier.
Real Coffee, peanut butter brownie
iced real coffee P100, peanut butter chocolate chip brownie P80

I’m not a muffin lover. I’d rather eat a cookie or brownie over a muffin. I don’t think I’ve ever posted a muffin on this blog before. But since it’s the most popular item I had to try it.

At first bite my first thoughts were, “What’s so special about it? Why is everyone raving about it?” It was tender and had a distinct and pleasant calamansi flavor but I didn’t love it that much. We still bought  a couple to take out. Later in the afternoon when I wasn’t so full anymore I took another bite of a calamansi muffin and that’s when I appreciated it more. It was really good! Moist, not too sweet and such a lovely citrus flavor.

At the airport I met up again with my friends Gem and Lisa and they told me they ordered two dozen calamansi muffins to take back to Manila. Real Coffee delivered the muffins to their hotel for only P50 delivery fee. Darn it. I wish I bought a box too.

Since I don’t have plans on going back to Boracay soon I will just try this calamansi muffin recipe hack of Pepper.Ph. By the way I agree with Mama Lee. 😀
Real Coffee's calamansi muffin
calamansi muffin P45

ginger tea P100
ginger tea P100

More wise words from Mamma Lee.
Real Coffee's cute signs

Real Coffee;s menu
Real Coffee’s menu

Real Coffee's menu

Real Coffee & Tea Cafe
Boracay, Aklan
telephone: +63-36-2885340
(located in an alley in between Astoria and Zuzuni)

11 thoughts on “Real Coffee, Boracay

  1. I’ve never been to Boracay but got a calamansi muffin in a Real Coffee paperbag as pasalubong from a friend years ago. I loved it. I’ve also asked other friends to bring me home a muffin or two when they go.


  2. The baked good are really nice, but next time try the Jack-A-Lean omelette with pesto. It’s my favorite breakfast dish here. Unfortunately their coffee is not good at all– ironic, isn’t it?


  3. I read your blog everyday for food updates (saliva dripping here), and since I live in HK and have lived in Taiwan for quite a number of years, I enjoy your posts in both places too. If you can’t find peanut butter brownies, but would like some sweet saltiness in your fudgy brownies, how about trying chocnut brownies? I can finish one whole box by myself 🙂 P.S. I don’t make or sell these ha. Just wanted to be clear.


  4. For me, this is the charming Boracay that people should treasure 🙂 I feel that there is no need to place stuff that is already in Manila, as such places like Real Coffee just offer the escape we want :)Great blog BTW 😀


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