Dinner at Kasbah, Boracay

Maghreb lamb chops P895
One of the best things I liked about Kasbah was it’s location. It’s right next to the Discovery Shores hotel where we stayed. We didn’t need to go where the crowds were. A short walk on the beach with the cool breeze blowing our hair and in a minute we were there.

It was my first time ever to eat in an authentic Moroccan restaurant in the Philippines. I was quite excited since I knew lamb is an essential part of Moroccan cuisine and I just love lamb. I would rather eat lamb than beef any day. The only problem is the lamb dishes in Manila’s restaurants aren’t that great so I just cook it myself at home.
Kasbah Flavors of Morocco, Boracay

Kasbah Flavors of Morocco, Boracay-001

Really nice ambiance but quite a challenge for taking food shots without a flash.
Kasbah Flavors of Morocco, Boracay-002

I had to use a nearby spot light for these pictures. We started our meal with 4 kinds of dips. Two were made with eggplant while one was made with red bell pepper and of course the hummus was made with garbanzo beans. The dips were all very tasty and well seasoned.
zaalouk, mechoula, hummus harissa, moutabal (baba ganoush) P595
zaalouk, mechoula, hummus harissa, moutabal (baba ganoush) P595

Their gambas was made with prawns instead of the usual small shrimp that’s why an order yielded only 3 pieces. It tasted different from the Spanish version since this dish was made with chermoula sauce, a popular Moroccan staple made with cilantro and other spices.
gambas marocain P385
gambas marocain P385

gazpacho Marakesh P185
gazpacho Marakesh P185

I always see watermelon and feta cheese salad in magazines and on tv and have always wanted to try this unusual combination. I liked the contrast of sweet watermelon and salty feta cheese and black olives. This is easy to make at home so I will definitely be having this salad soon.
watermelon, feta & olives salad P385
watermelon, feta & olives salad P385

Thanks to Jason who ordered the lamb chops and was nice enough to give me one to try. The lamb was simply delicious! It was well marinated in herbs and spices and chargrilled to perfection. It’s a cliche but true when I say it was tender and juicy. The price of P895 was quite high but at least we got 4 relatively large pieces of lamb chops. I’ve had tiny bite sized lamb chops that cost more than this.
Maghreb lamb chops P895
Maghreb lamb chops P895

A tagine is both slow cooked stew and the dome shaped clay pot used in cooking Morocco’s most popular dish.
lamb tagine P925
lamb tagine P925

I was so happy all my dinner companions were also lamb lovers like me. I usually just like lamb chops and not the other parts of the lamb like the shoulder or the leg. This stew made with prunes, honey and almonds was so aromatic with hints of sweetness that carried through the super tender meat all the way to the bone that I couldn’t help but love it too.
lamb tagine P925-001

They used lamb ribs in the tagine.
lamb tagine

The baklava was a sweet and crunchy way to end my best meal in Boracay. It’s not cheap but I highly recommend anyone going to Boracay to have a least one meal at Kasbah. It was worth every peso!!!
baklava P210
baklava P210

Kasbah’s menu
cold appetizers, salads, soups & Moroccan appetizers, wraps & kebabs,
taginesexotic Moroccan delights, kids meals & desserts

Station One, White Beach, Boracay, Aklan (next to Discovery Shores Hotel)
telephone: + 63 36 288 4790

3 thoughts on “Dinner at Kasbah, Boracay

  1. Leslie, I enjoy Moroccan cuisine and there a few restaurants in San Francisco that have it. Chinese people try not to eat lamb in warm weather due to it heat up the body. They prefer having it in winter season in hot pot. Garlic eaten large amount in one serving also warm up body but is good if you always feel cold a lot.


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