Barcelona: Hotel Arts Barcelona

Hotel Arts Barcelona
In Barcelona our big group of 15 stayed in three different hotels depending on each one’s budget. Rochelle, Sharon & I stayed in AC Hotel Sants which was moderately priced, sized and quite clean. Houma and her two sons stayed in the middle of La Ramblas at Hotel Barcelona House. My two cousins, siblings La & Sid stayed in the luxurious Hotel Arts Barcelona.

We took a cab to Port Olimpic where the hotel was located to see how the other half lived. Our taxi’s meter was on the rear view mirror. Isn’t the tray table at the back of the chair so cute?

taxi in Barcelona taxi in Barcelona-001

I couldn’t resist taking this picture.
Erotic Museum, Barcelona

Hotel Arts Barcelona-001

Just from the lobby it was obvious how elegant the hotel was.

Hotel Arts Barcelona-003 Hotel Arts Barcelona-002
Hotel Arts Barcelona-004 Hotel Arts Barcelona-005

Hotel Arts Barcelona-006

Just like the bathroom in our hotel the door provided little privacy.
Hotel Arts Barcelona-007

Hotel Arts Barcelona-008

Our entire room could fit in this bathroom!
Hotel Arts Barcelona-009

Hotel Arts Barcelona-010

My cousins had two kids each and they needed a big room to fit.
Hotel Arts Barcelona-013

Hotel Arts Barcelona-014

Hotel Arts Barcelona-015

Hotel Arts Barcelona-016

I loved the Bang & Olufsen stereo!
Hotel Arts Barcelona-017

Hotel Arts Barcelona-018

I helped myself to some espresso. Later on my cousin-in-law Chee kindly informed me that the coffee was billed to the room. I was shocked. Usually the coffee in hotel rooms with Nespresso machines are free like here and here. At least in our hotel the Nespresso coffee was free in the lobby at odd hours. (insert grin)

Hotel Arts Barcelona-020 Hotel Arts Barcelona-019

Sidney’s room had a better view of the marina and the beach. Yes, the hotel was located next to the beach which the kids went to.
Hotel Arts Barcelona-021

Hotel Arts Barcelona-022

Hotel Arts Barcelona-023

If you have the budget then this hotel is a lovely place to stay in. A caveat is it’s farther to the city but it has access to the Metro. There are also many restaurants in the area which is a big plus.
Hotel Arts Barcelona-024

Hotel Arts Barcelona
Marina 19–21 08005 Barcelona, Spain
telephone: +34 93 2211000

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