Florence: Robiglio

Robiglio, Florence-008
I wish we had more days to try out all the coffee and sweets shops in Florence. After Caffé Gilli we tried Robiglio next.

Robiglio, Florence

We didn’t stand at the bar this time because we were hot and tired and wanted to sit and rest for a bit.
Robiglio, Florence-001

Robiglio, Florence-002

Those marzipan looked like real miniature fruit were too adorable to eat.
Robiglio, Florence- fruit marzipan
fruit marzipan

From Barcelona to Florence fruit jellies are really popular.
Robiglio, Florence- fruit jellies
fruit jellies

Robiglio, Florence- candies

Almost all the stores we saw had panforte, a traditional Italian dessert containing dried fruits and nuts similar to fruitcake.
Robiglio, Florence- panforte

I don’t know what these two pastries are called but I can assure you they taste as good as they look!!
Robiglio, Florence-008

Yum, yum, yummmmmmmm!!!!
Robiglio, Florence-009

We bought 1 amaretti to try and I regret not buying more. It was by far the best amaretti cookie I’ve tried.

As you can see the prices of our drinks are much higher since we had it on a table. Rochelle had the hot chocolate and she said it was terrible. It tasted like weak Milo.
cioccolata €4
cioccolata €4

I ordered an espresso but requested a glass of ice and made my own iced coffee. An espresso taken at the bar usually costs €1 only.
caffe €3
caffe €3

Robiglio, Florence-010

Via dei Servi 112/r Firenze, Italy
telephone: +39 55212784

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