Florence: Salvatore Ferragamo Museum & Santa Maria Novella Train Station

Salvatore Ferragamo Museum-001
On our last day in Florence Rochelle and I rushed to the Salvatore Ferragamo museum to see all the shoes they created for stars in the past.

Salvatore Ferragamo Museum

Salvatore Ferragamo Museum-002

Salvatore Ferragamo Museum-003

The entrance fee was €5.
Salvatore Ferragamo Museum-004

The museum had an exhibit that paid homage to Marilyn Monroe which lasts til January 28, 2013. We got to see the clothes she wore and the shoes Ferragamo created for her. What really caught our interest were her letters and journal entries which showed how smart she was.
Salvatore Ferragamo Museum-005

Salvatore Ferragamo Museum-006

Photography wasn’t allowed so this was the only picture I was able to take. If you’re going to Florence before January 28, 2013 I suggest visiting this museum and you’ll be fascinated with Marilyn like we were.
Salvatore Ferragamo Museum-007

Before going shopping at the outlet our driver brought us to small ticket office to buy our train tickets to Rome.
buying train tickets in Florence

There were several machines where you can buy tickets but nobody was using it. I tried to use it and a one way ticket to Rome cost about €50 so I joined the line to buy tickets.
buying train tickets in Florence-001

The line wasn’t long and our one way, restricted (no changes possible) to Rome’s Termini cost only €29 for a first class seat. Now I know why people didn’t use the machines.

Before buying your ticket make sure you know the names of the station you will ride from and the station you will arrive at. Each city has several train stations. Find out which station is nearest your hotel to save time and money.
buying train tickets in Florence-002

It’s a good thing we already had our train tickets when we arrived at the Santa Maria Novella (SMN) train station. If you will buy your ticket at this station make sure you arrive with enough time to your desired departure. You can check train schedules at TrenItalia’s website.
Firenze S. Maria Novella train station

Firenze S. Maria Novella train station-002

Firenze S. Maria Novella train station-003

The trains are just beyond the doors.
Firenze S. Maria Novella train station-001

There was a big store at the station with restaurants and food stuff you can buy.
Firenze S. Maria Novella train station-004

Firenze S. Maria Novella train station-005

They even had a salad bar.
Firenze S. Maria Novella train station-006

These frozen coffee drinks are popular in Florence.
Firenze S. Maria Novella train station-007

I saw these displays of Café Zero all over Piazza Duomo and I was curious to what it tasted like.
Firenze S. Maria Novella train station-008

It’s a frozen drink that has the consistency of a thick milk shake crossed with granita. It was just ok for me. It had some kind of thickener added to it.
Café Zero Espresso €2.60
Café Zero Espresso €2.60

I wish we had Lavazza coffee vending machines in Manila too. Sosyal!
Firenze S. Maria Novella train station-010
Lavazza vending machine

Sede Museo Salvatore Ferragamo
Piazza Santa Trinita 5 50123 Firenze
Tel 055 3562455/417/846


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