Paris: Le Fontaine de Mars & Eiffel Tower

Hello Paris!!! As soon as we dropped off our luggage at the Lenox Montparnasse Hotel we went to dinner. We left the hotel early to give us time to figure out the Métro and find the restaurant. We only took the taxi twice in Paris –  to and from the airport. A tip for thoseContinue reading “Paris: Le Fontaine de Mars & Eiffel Tower”

Florence: Salvatore Ferragamo Museum & Santa Maria Novella Train Station

On our last day in Florence Rochelle and I rushed to the Salvatore Ferragamo museum to see all the shoes they created for stars in the past. The entrance fee was €5. The museum had an exhibit that paid homage to Marilyn Monroe which lasts til January 28, 2013. We got to see the clothesContinue reading “Florence: Salvatore Ferragamo Museum & Santa Maria Novella Train Station”