Rome: Vatican Museum

From the Colosseum and after lunch of gelato we rode the Metro to the Vatican Museum. I bought tickets for a guided tour from the Vatican’s website. I advise taking a guided tour so you will know more information about the things inside the big, big museum. The tour which included the Sistine chapel costContinue reading “Rome: Vatican Museum”

Florence: Salvatore Ferragamo Museum & Santa Maria Novella Train Station

On our last day in Florence Rochelle and I rushed to the Salvatore Ferragamo museum to see all the shoes they created for stars in the past. The entrance fee was €5. The museum had an exhibit that paid homage to Marilyn Monroe which lasts til January 28, 2013. We got to see the clothesContinue reading “Florence: Salvatore Ferragamo Museum & Santa Maria Novella Train Station”

Bilbao: Lunch at Bistró Guggenheim

When we planned for our trip around Spain we decided to rent a car from Madrid’s airport then drive to San Sebastian then to Barcelona. We could have ridden the train but cost wise renting a car was cheaper and more importantly we were able to take a detour to Bilbao just to see theContinue reading “Bilbao: Lunch at Bistró Guggenheim”

Madrid: La Ochava & Valpan

After checking in at AC Hotel Carlton Madrid, our home for the two nights, we walked towards Prado Museum where we booked for a 1:00 pm entrance. We bought our tickets online and printed them in Manila. We did this for all the museums we went to this trip. There were serveral restaurants along the wayContinue reading “Madrid: La Ochava & Valpan”

The J. Paul Getty Museum & The Restaurant

I’ve been to Los Angeles so many times in the past few years but this was the first time Sidney brought me to The J. Paul Getty Museum. As you can see by the first picture the highlight was our lunch at The Restaurant in the museum.From the parking garage we went to the tramContinue reading “The J. Paul Getty Museum & The Restaurant”

Museum of Natural History

Does this look familiar? Remember the movie “Night at the Museum” starring Ben Stiller? That was shot at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. I’ve been to DC several times and have visited a lot of museums there. I went back to this particular museum just for the special “Rare Encounter” of a coupleContinue reading “Museum of Natural History”