Rome: Trenitalita from Florence to Rome

train from Florence to Rome-001
In my recent trip to Europe I was able to try all kinds of transportation. In Spain we drove a rental car and flew to Florence. This time we took a train to Rome for 1 1/2 hours.

I would say taking the train was the easiest and most comfortable way to travel in Europe for shorter distances. You can arrive in the station just a few minutes before departure assuming you already have your tickets. There’s no security check or long queues either.
train from Florence to Rome

train from Florence to Rome-003

We got a 1st class seat that has assigned seating.
train from Florence to Rome-002

That’s all our luggages. Mine is the smallest blue luggage at the bottom left. When you travel by train I suggest you travel light since you have to haul it into the train yourself. There’s nobody to help you.
train from Florence to Rome-004

I didn’t use the bathroom but it was big and clean.
train from Florence to Rome-006

train from Florence to Rome-007

Our ticket was a super economy meaning no changes and no refund. We paid only €29 for a first class seat to Rome.
train from Florence to Rome-008

train from Florence to Rome-009

We were given a free drink, a pack of cookies and wet wipes.
train from Florence to Rome-010

I didn’t see much of the view because I quickly fell asleep.
train from Florence to Rome-012

We arrived in Rome’s busy Termini station and looked for the driver who was picking us up.
Rome Termini station

Rome Termini station-001

Rome Termini station-005

The owner of our B&B in Rome arranged for a van to pick us up at the station.
Rome Termini station-002

Rome Termini station-003

Rome Termini station-004

Here are some shots of Rome that I took while in the nice van.
shots of Rome

shots of Rome-001

shots of Rome-002

shots of Rome-003

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