Rome: Fior di Luna Gelato

Fior Di Luna Il Gelato- dark chocolate & almond gelato
No meal in Rome is complete without gelato for dessert.

This was the only gelato store we saw in Travestere.
Fior Di Luna Il Gelato

Fior Di Luna Il Gelato-001

I was initially hesitant since this was the first gelato we were going to eat that wasn’t held inside stainless covered cylinders.
Fior Di Luna Il Gelato-002

Fior Di Luna Il Gelato-003

The sign for their ingredients gave me hope for good gelato.
Fior Di Luna Il Gelato-004

Fior Di Luna Il Gelato-005

This was the first and only gelato that put whipped cream on top. I never put whipped cream on anything I eat or drink but since I was sharing the gelato with Rochelle and she’s a whipped cream freak, it stayed.

We had the dark  chocolate and almond flavors. I’ve never had almond gelato before and it was super duper calafragilistic awesome!! It was perfect with the chocolate.
Fior Di Luna Il Gelato- dark chocolate & almond gelato

Strange but the store also had some grocery items for sale.
Fior Di Luna Il Gelato-007

Fior Di Luna Gelato
via della Lungaretta 96, Roma
tel. (0039) 06 64561314

2 thoughts on “Rome: Fior di Luna Gelato

  1. Leslie, ever since you wrote of other gelatos shops with cover lids on it I try to find in San Francisco but no. Now it hard to enjoy real good gelato like your in Italy but but better gelatos than none I see.


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