The Most Awesome Cookies EVER!!!

Gourmet Finds' Valrhona Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies-004
Cookies are my crack. I can give up cake, cupcake, donuts, muffins, ice cream for cookies. These cookies.

I have to be honest. One of the reasons I go to New York is just to go to Levain to buy my favorite dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookies. So far those are my holy grail of cookies. Until I received these gigantic cookies from Gourmet Finds. I was shocked at how big each cookie was. It was actually bigger than Levain’s (149g) behemoth cookies. Never in my wildest dreams did I think there would be cookies these big and good in Manila.
Gourmet Finds' Valrhona Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies-001

The first bite brought me back to New York. The second bite I landed back in Manila thanking the cookie gods that I can now get cookies like Levain’s in Manila. These cookies taste even better than Levain’s (gasp).
Gourmet Finds' Valrhona Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies-002

The ratio of chocolate to cookie seemed like it was 1:1. Some bites I barely tasted any cookie just melted chocolate oozing on my fingers. The texture was crisp on the outside and perfectly chewy on the inside. There were enough fresh walnuts to complement the semi-sweet Valrhona chocolate.

It’s not cheap though. A 170g (!!!) cookie cost P175 each. But when you think about the size it’s probably equivalent to 4 or 5 regular cookies. The ingredients are top notch too. You can really taste the Australian butter and all the sinfully decadent Valrhona chocolate chunks and walnuts.

With great difficulty and extreme willpower I managed to stretch my 2 precious cookies into 4 long days when I wanted to eat it all in one sitting.

If you know any cookie lover give them these cookies and they will be your best friend forever. For me  these ARE the ultimate gift. For Christmas, my birthday, any day, everyday.
Gourmet Finds' Valrhona Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies-003

This is what a box of ginormous cookies look like when you order. I’m in heaven!!!
photo (2)

Gourmet Finds' Valrhona Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies

The other new product of Gourmet Finds are these Gougére or cheese puffs. Think cream puff but without the filling and add tons of cheese in the batter.
Gourmet Finds' Gougère

Toast them in the over for a few minutes and you can smell the cheese. It’s soft and chewy and oh so cheesy. I warn you these are so addictive. You can’t stop at just one or two pieces. I guarantee you’ll be popping these savory babies in your mouth non-stop.
Gourmet Finds' Gougère-001

Gourmet Finds
cellphone: (0921) 762-2240
pick up is at Narra Ave. Forbes Park, Makati

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