Rome: Ristorante la Canonica

tiramisu €4
Since we’ve eaten mostly at restaurants near our B&B in Rome we wanted a change of scenery so we went to Travestere, an area popular with tourists and filled with lots of bars and restaurants.


We walked and walked looking for a restaurant that didn’t scream ‘tourists eat here!”
Travestere -001

Travestere -002

We also didn’t want a new dining mate.
Travestere -003

Travestere -004

We finally decided to eat at Ristorante la Canonica.
Ristorante La Canonica

Ristorante La Canonica menu
Ristorante La Canonica menu

It was full so that was a good sign. We were lucky to get a table outside.
Ristorante La Canonica-002

Ristorante La Canonica-004 Ristorante La Canonica-005

I didn’t try the pasta but I heard it wasn’t as good as Al Moro’s carbonara.
pasta carbonara €8
pasta carbonara €8

spaghetti vongole €9
spaghetti vongole €9

Sha ordered the pork chop for us to share and it was good. Juicy and very flavorful.
braciole di maiale (drunken porkchop) €9
braciole di maiale (drunken porkchop) €9

Rochelle had the grilled lamb which turned out to be tough and tasteless.
Abbacchio alla scottadito (grilled lamb) €12
Abbacchio alla scottadito (grilled lamb) €12

The waiter asked us what side we wanted with the grilled meats. We thought it came with the meat but it cost extra. This is what two orders of bad roasted potatoes looked like. If it were as good as Al Moro’s potatoes then we wouldn’t have minded paying for it.
Patate Arrosto (roasted potatoes) €4
Patate Arrosto (roasted potatoes) €4

I ordered the ox tail stew and I was very, very happy. The meat was fall off the bone tender and the sauce was magnificent.
Coda alla vaccinara (ox tail stew) €10
Coda alla vaccinara (ox tail stew) €10

Everyone dipped their bread in my sauce.

Our first and only tiramisu in Italy and it was good! Just look how moist it was.
tiramisu €4
tiramisu €4

This was the only restaurant that charged us for the bread. The food wasn’t bad but after eating at Trattoria Al Moro nothing can’t compare anymore.

I wish we rode the Segway in Rome too.
Travestere - Segway

Ristorante la Canonica
Vicolo del piede 13a – 00153 Roma
telephone: 06.5803845

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