Paris Segway Tour

Paris Segway Tour - Pont Alexandre III
Hands down our best experience in our European trip last June was the Paris Segway Tour.

I was so happy that Rochelle agreed to take the Segway tour with me otherwise I would have been too chicken to do it myself. The 3 hour tour cost €90 per person and it was worth every Euro.
Paris Segway Tour-005

They also offered Flat Tire Bike Tours which were more popular because it lasted much longer and cost much cheaper.
Paris Segway Tour-007

I loved the children’s artwork of the Eiffel Towere that covered the posts of the overhead track.
Paris Segway Tour-008

More bikes inside their office.
Paris Segway Tour-009

Check out the Lance Fan on the wall of their office. I wonder if they’ve taken it down after HIS confession of doping.
Paris Segway Tour-010

Paris Segway Tour- segway

They alloted an hour for the participants to learn how to use the Segway.
Paris Segway Tour-011

Our tour guide, Moko gave each us  one on one instruction on how to mount and dismount the Segway. It was easy to go forward and it took longer to teach us how to stop. It was really easy once you get the hang of it.
Paris Segway Tour

Paris Segway Tour-012

Just look at my face on the bottom right pic. I was scared to death the first time I got on the Segway. I wonder what those ladies found so funny. Could it be my screaming?

I just loved using the Segway once I got my confidence. It was easy to stop on a dime but my favorite part was speeding on the bike paths in the middle of Paris. The cool wind felt wonderful and I felt so free and fast.
Paris Segway Tour-013

Paris Segway Tour-014

Paris Segway Tour- Champ de Mars
Champ de Mars

Paris Segway Tour-017

Paris Segway Tour- Les Invalides
Les Invalides

Paris Segway Tour- Les Invalides -001

We would ride to each destination and stop while Moko told us about the history of each place. He would also give us time for picture taking.

When you go on this tour just bring your camera, a bottle of water, an umbrella or jacket and your wallet. Leave your big bags behind since the small compartment below the handle is where you have to put all your stuff.
Paris Segway Tour- Les Invalides -002

Paris Segway Tour- Pont Alexandre III
Pont Alexandre III

We had to park our Segways at each stop or it will run away and fall down. There were only 6 of us in the group.
Paris Segway Tour- Pont Alexandre III-001

Paris Segway Tour-003

Paris Segway Tour- Batobus on the Seine
Batobus on the Seine

We ended the tour at the Eiffel Tower. I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful sights of Paris without having to walk or ride the Metro. The best part of the experience was really riding the Segway in a beautiful city like Paris. When we go back to Paris we want to take the night tour. I can only imagine how gorgeous that will be.
Paris Segway Tour- Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower

I highly recommend you take the Paris Segway tour. You will not regret it. They also have it in other cities. We saw them in Rome too.
Paris Segway Tour-024

City Segway Tours
24, rue Edgar Faure 75015 Paris, France
Please contact us at

01-56-58-10-54 (calling from within France)
+33-1-56-58-10-54 (calling from outside of France)
1-866-614-6218 (toll-free from North America to our Paris office)

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