Paris: Poilâne & Secco Patisserie

Poilane- apple tartlette €2.35.35-001
I had a long list of food I wanted to try in Paris and the sourdough bread of Poilâne was one of them. I thought we weren’t able to try it anymore but luckily it was near the Metro stop where we got off to go to the Segway Tour’s office.

I had this vision of having a picnic in one of Paris’ many beautiful gardens like Jardin des Tuileries or even Champs de Mars. I would bring bread from Poilâne, foie gras pâté, duck rilette, French cheese and lots of pastries.


These huge round loaves with the iconic P stamped on them were what I was there for but there’s no way for the two of us to even make a dent of such a big and heavy loaf of bread.

Thank goodness with some sign language they informed us we can buy just a few slices of bread. These three slices cost €1.23.
Poilâne- bread €4.58 per kilo
bread €4.58 per kilo


They also sold some pastries.
Poilâne- flan & chausson aux pommes
flan & chausson aux pommes

We bought a couple of apple tartelettes.
Poilâne- apple tartlette €2.35
apple tartelette €2.35

Poilâne - petite brioche
petite brioche

punitions or butter cookies


Since we weren’t prepared for the picnic of my dreams we just went to a small grocery nearby and bought a pack of jamon serrano and a bottle of water and looked for a place where we can eat our bread. We found ourselves at Secco Patisserie Boulangerie.
Secco Patisserie Boulangerie

More bread!!
Secco Patisserie Boulangerie-002

This is why I want to return to Paris. Every corner there’s an abundance of yummy looking bread and pastries.
Secco Patisserie Boulangerie-001

Secco Patisserie Boulangerie-003

This is what our picnic looked like. Rochelle bought a Caprese salad from Secco while I bought the dessert. The bread from Poilâne was good but it didn’t really blow me away. I suspect if I paired it with better toppings and if it were lightly toasted it would taste so much better.
Secco Patisserie Boulangerie-004

With so many pastries to choose from I chose the tart chocolat and a small pastry similar to mille-feuille.
Secco Patisserie Boulangerie- tart chocolat €3.50

When I took my first bite of the tart chocolat the diners around me must have heard my loud moan. It was unbelievably delicious. Creamy bittersweet chocolate on a crisp crust was one one of the best pastries I’ve ever eaten.
Secco Patisserie Boulangerie- tart chocolat €3.50-001
tart chocolat €3.50

We wanted to take home the apple tartlette but it was very greasy and it seeped through the paper bag already.
Poilâne- apple tartlette €2.35
Poilâne’s apple tartelette 

We both really liked the firm yet flaky crust of the apple tartellete. It was quite hearty and filling. It was a simple lunch but I really enjoyed all the lovely carbs.
Poilâne- apple tartlette €2.35.35-002

49 bld de Grenelle, Paris 75015
telephone: +33 (0) 1 45 79 11 49
Opening hours : From Tuesday to Sunday, 7:15 am to 8:15 pm

Secco Patisserie Boulangerie
75 Boulevard de Grenelle, 75015 Paris
telephone: +33 01 45 67 17 40

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