The Noodle Bakes – Garth Vader

The Noodle Bakes - Garth Vader-001
Peanut butter lovers in Manila rejoice! There’s a new cake in town that’s calling out to you, “eat me, eat me!”

It’s quite difficult to find good peanut butter desserts in Manila. The only one I’ve enjoyed before this cake is Wildflour’s peanut butter banana cream pie. It’s much easier to find matcha flavored desserts.

I’ve just read about Lori’s feature on The Noodle Bakes and was wondering when I would get to try Garth Vader described as peanut butter in the form of the dessert trinity of textures (fluffy, silky, and crunchy) enrobed in a deep and dark chocolate ganache, encaged in a fence of chocolate meringue. 

We were just about to order dessert in the form of sweet breakfast at the Early Bird Breakfast Club when Deb mentioned she had Garth Vader at home. I immediately asked for the check and hightailed it out of the restaurant and rushed to Deb’s house.
The Noodle Bakes - Garth Vader-002
Garth Vader (9″- P1,250 6″- P800) weight 5 lbs. 

Before I took a bite Deb told me it’s a cake you either like or don’t. Half of her siblings didn’t like it while the others raved about it. I guess only a true peanut butter lover would like it.

So what does it taste like? Get a pack of Reese’s dark chocolate peanut butter cup, a bar of Butterfinger chocolate and some cake and mash it all together and that will give you an idea what this over the top cake tastes like.

The Noodle aka Sam took all these wonderful flavors and amped it up with high quality ingredients and came out with this peanut butter lovers dream. The chocolate layer is dark and thick ganache while the peanut butter is rich and just the right consistency and sweetness. In between the chocolate and peanut butter is a layer of crunch just like a Butterfinger bar. She used a sturdier cake layer to support the weight of the fillings.

A thin slice of this cake is all you need to satisfy whatever sweet craving you may have. I had it with black espresso and it was simply divine.
The Noodle Bakes - Garth Vader-003

When The Noodle found out how much I loved the Garth Vader she sent me a box of her macarons to try.
The Noodle Bakes - macarons
macarons  P45 each

Green + White: kaya, Red: speculoos, Purple: pb+j, Pink: salted caramel
Green: pistachio, Yellow: lemon, White: sesame, Brown: chocolate

When I first tried the macarons I didn’t know what flavors they were since The Noodle didn’t include a cheat sheet. The very first one I tried was the purple macaron on top. I must have groaned loud enough to wake up my dog. It was peanut butter and jelly and it instantly brought back memories of Smucker’s Goober PB & J. Remember the peanut butter with a stripe of jelly? The girl has a way with peanut butter that I just adore.

While she needs to improve on the meringue shells which were a bit soft and lacking in crunch her fillings were mostly perfect. I loved the chocolate, specuulos & pb+j the best. I hope she makes matcha and chocolate orange flavors too.
The Noodle Bakes - macarons-001

The Noodle Bakes menu
menu (click to enlarge)

Give someone you love something sweet and delicious for Valentine’s day. Call The Noodle.
The Noodle Bakes - Garth Vader

The Noodle Bakes
cellphone: +63 920 920 7268

Please put in your orders at least 3 days before the pick up date (rush orders may be attended to depending on the noodle’s load). All orders are for pick up (address will be given upon the order)

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