Kozui Green Tea

genmaicha lemon teaz P80
I saw Kozui Green Tea featured in a magazine recently and went to try it out since I was in Quezon City anyway for my weekly acupuncture session.

I thought it was a new restaurant until I saw it and realized it has been around for a number of years and I just totally forgot about it.
Kozui Green Tea

Kozui Green Tea-001

Kozui Green Tea-002

Kozui Green Tea-003

I hate their drink menu. I couldn’t see a thing specially with the glare from the spotlight. I just asked the server to suggest a drink for me.
Kozui Green Tea menu-003

My camera’s zoom lens was able to capture the menu a tad better.
Kozui Green Tea menu-004

Kozui Green Tea menu-005

I went there for a late afternoon snack and I chose the cold genmaicha lemon teas and an order of takoyaki. While the roasted brown rice green tea tasted ordinary and something I can replicate at home with a tea bag I thoroughly enjoyed the takoyaki or what I call octopus balls.

Most takoyaki I’ve tried in Manila are bland, mushy and boring. I was surprised that these balls were crisp on the outside and had a very flavorful filling with tender pieces of squid and other veggies which gave it a crisp bite and creamy texture. An order had 5 balls. I would definitely go back for this and maybe try a different green tea drink.
takoyaki P100
takoyaki P100 genmaicha lemon teaz P80

I was hoping that their menu would have food with green tea flavors but only the soba fit the bill. There were no green tea desserts either. Well except for their green tea ice cream and halo halo like concoctions.
Kozui Green Tea menu
Kozui Green Tea menu (click to enlarge)

Kozui Green Tea menu-001

Kozui Green Tea menu-002

Kozui Green Tea
258 B. Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines
telephone: 413-2705

3 thoughts on “Kozui Green Tea

  1. Leslie, thanks for pointing out a good takoyaki to a bad one. There a lot places in San Francisco that have takoyaki but I never knew how it should be. Now I do thank you writing of it and will look out for a good place in San Francisco that make it now.


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